Best Master’s in Construction Management Online Degrees in 2024

October 29, 2020

Students with risk management and all-rounded project management skills in the search for online programs in architecture, civil engineering, or construction science should seriously consider pursuing MS in construction management or a management construction degree online.

The responsibilities of the construction manager in a project include but are not limited to leading teams, designing and overseeing the project, and causing minimal environmental impact. They need to keep up with the latest technological advancements and ensure the safety of the construction crew.

According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average earning potential for construction managers is nearly $95,260 a year. Not only is a career in the construction management industry one of the more lucrative career options but is projected to grow at a rate of 8% from 2019 – 2020.

Earning an online master’s in construction management will make you eligible for managerial positions in the field by helping you gain essential skills like advanced planning and budgeting skills.

At the New England Institute of Technology, we provide a specialized master’s in construction management online program that focuses on giving online students a thorough knowledge of the critical aspects of the construction process. We teach every online graduate the tools, practices, and strategies that all construction managers need to know about.

Best Online Master’s in Construction Management Courses, 2020

These courses have been selected after going through a school rankings resource and the information published on this site is taken from various school rankings resource guides. There are various factors that influence school rankings. Some of the universities mentioned may not have a dedicated department of construction management, but their curriculum provides learners with the core requirements employers in the United States are looking for.

1. NEIT’s Construction Management Degree Programs

The demand for competent construction managers has constantly been increasing and is expected to continue to do so for the next decade. This is because of the importance of the infrastructure we build to keep the economy, society, and people healthy. New England Tech recognizes the importance of thoroughly training aspiring construction managers and offers a well-rounded master’s in construction management program.

Our master’s in construction management ensures that online students can tackle the decision-making challenges put to them by the complex nature of today’s construction environment. Construction managers with an MS in construction management from NEIT have the required blend of operational and technical expertise, leadership skills, risk and project management skills, and a solid foundation in business and general management.


Earn your degree in Construction from NEIT and begin your new career path today!




Program Mission

The New England Institute of Technology Master of Science in Construction Management program is designed for a broad spectrum of individuals. This even includes individuals from diverse educational backgrounds and/or work experiences seeking to develop the multidisciplinary skills necessary to become an effective construction professional.

Program Outcomes

  • Acquire a Construction Management perspective that is informed by the linkages between Construction and Management (i.e., ethics, labor, accounting & finance, dispute resolution, negotiations) best practices
  • Demonstrate the ability to build and lead effective teams using appropriate interpersonal skills
  • Proactively adapt and integrate emerging technology within Construction Management practices
  • Evaluate and implement appropriate contract delivery methods based on desired project outcomes
  • Analyze construction projects relative to fundamental aspects of construction management (i.e., cost, schedule, quality, safety, ethics) and develop appropriate solutions
  • Acquire the ability to effectively assess and manage risk in a construction management project
  • Acquire an appreciation for and ability to apply the principles and practices of sustainability in a construction management project


New England Tech’s MS in Construction Management online program brings together modern construction project management theory, best practices, and technical skills with the contemporary business management principles that drive 21st-century organizational performance in the construction industry.

In addition to the required curriculum, the building information modeling (BIM) software programs that act as an introduction to the use of scheduling, estimating, and analytical tools are offered as an elective for students who wish to upgrade these technical skills.

All courses of the construction managers’ degree are fully online, with the exception of CM 542 Building Information Modeling, which features a hands-on laboratory component and will be conducted at our main campus in East Greenwich, RI.

The program consists of 45 credits, including the following courses.

  • CM 511 Construction Delivery Methods
  • CM 512 Construction and the Environment
  • CM 513 Relationship & Dispute Management
  • CM 520 Effective Projects and Teams
  • CM 521 Risk Management
  • CM 531 Construction Health and Safety
  • CM 540 CM Master’s Project (5 credits)
  • CM 541 Lean Construction Principles & Practices

Electives (choose one)

  • CM 542 Building Information Modeling (includes required on-campus hands-on sessions)
  • CM 543 Infrastructure Planning & Development
  • MGM 504 Managerial Finance
  • MGM 533 Advanced Project Management

Total Credit Hours = 45 (All courses are 4 credits unless otherwise noted)


NEIT is accredited by accrediting bodies like the New England Commission of Higher Education (formerly the Commission on Institutions of Higher Education of the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Inc.). Accreditation by NECHE is recognized by the federal government and entitles NEIT to participate in federal financial aid programs.

NEIT Accreditation

2. University of Southern California | Los Angeles, CA

USC’s master’s in construction management program accepts full-time and part-time students with a bachelor’s degree in engineering, an adequate GRE score, and a personal statement.

The program comprises a 32-credit curriculum which emphasizes on construction practices, construction business, and project controls. Learners also get to select four electives based on their own interests and career goals.

This construction management degree program usually takes students four semesters to graduate.

Distance learners have access to the virtual career fair organized by USC and the school also organizes a unique mentorship program specifically for first-generation college students. Prospective graduates are allowed to apply during the fall or spring semester and students can receive financial aid opportunities in the form of Stafford Loans.

3. University of Washington | Seattle, WA

The University of Washington offers a 42-credit online master’s degree in construction management which uses a quarter system and comes with coursework in construction materials, environmental regulations, and temporary structures.

Prospective students can apply at any time, the requirements include a bachelor’s in construction management or engineering, two recommendation letters, and the required GRE scores. The tuition and fees remain the same for all online students irrespective of their residency.

This program can be completed by full-time students in one year.

College programs include a career and internship center that is run by the university and it offers numerous resources for online learners such as Skype sessions with a counselor and virtual workshops that help students learn business techniques.

Almost 80% of students who pass out of this online master’s degree program show a positive career or higher education developments within six months of graduating.

4. Clemson University | Clemson, SC

If you are a distance learner looking to take part in synchronous online courses, you should consider enrolling for Clemson’s master’s in construction science and management course.

A minimum of 3.0 undergrad GPA, an engineering bachelor’s, three recommendation letters, and sufficient GRE scores along with some construction management relevant work experience are required to get admitted.

This construction management degree program curriculum requires students to earn 21-30 credits and includes both thesis and non-thesis tracks. There are courses in advanced planning and scheduling, project management, and emerging technologies which are compulsory for all students.

Clemson’s Center for Career and Professional Development provides students with virtual workshops that are conducted on Zoom and a career planning guide to help learners figure out their preferred career path.

These features and services have assisted over 80% of alumni to find jobs in the construction industry or get admitted to another graduate degree program.

5. Western Carolina University

The MS in Construction Management at Western Carolina University is considered to be the best among construction management degrees by Best College Reviews.

They offer online learners various advanced topics like Advanced Constitution Finance, Leadership in Construction Management, Advanced Legal Issues in Construction Law, and Project Planning. Prospective students need a minimum GPA of 3.0 and must have relevant work experience.

Since Western Carolina University accepts students on a rolling basis, learners are urged to apply throughout the year.

6. Eastern Kentucky University

Eastern Kentucky University (EKU) is located in Richmond but has additional locations throughout the state. Although it doesn’t have a dedicated school of construction, out of the six colleges that offer degrees in various disciplines of education, the College of Business and Technology offers an online graduate certificate in Construction Management.

The course gives learners an ideal path to gain the required skills and advance their career in the shortest amount of time. The coursework includes 12 credit hours of online coursework along with two credit hours of internship or co-op to complete the program.

EKU graduates have immense potential, some of them have gone on to become Senior Project Managers, Project Engineers, and Executive Construction Manager.

7. University of Wisconsin- Stout

The Stout campus is part of the highly regarded University of Wisconsin system and is located in Menomonie. UW Stout is a polytechnic university that provides various professional degrees in various areas of engineering and construction.

The online construction management degree program offered at UW Stout gives students the opportunity to develop leadership skills in business, project management, and risk management. Upon completion of the program, you will be thoroughly trained in residential, commercial, municipal, and industrial construction.

The UW Stout’s online construction management program provides classes in topics like Sustainable Construction, Building Codes and Regulations Architectural Preservation Construction, and Project Delivery Systems.

8. University of Tennessee-Chattanooga

The University of Tennessee in Chattanooga (UTC) comes under the umbrella of the highly regarded University of Tennessee system. It offers reputed courses in business administration, education, biology, and health and wellness.

The MS in Engineering Management degree at UTC is a 33 credit hour program that mainly focuses on teaching construction management skills.

Students need to take core courses in engineering like strategic technology and engineering economy before they can take core construction courses like Sustainability and LEED Construction Law, Contracts and Claims, Strategic Bidding, and Estimating Advanced Operations and Constructability.

9. Worcester Polytechnic Institute

The School of Engineering at the Worcester Polytechnic Institute provides a comprehensive online Master of Science in Construction Project Management program.

Students who join the institute’s online MS in Construction Project Management degree acquire project management skills like resource planning, risk mitigation, and final reporting. This program is offered by WPI’s Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering.

It is designed to produce individuals competent in construction management to meet the increasing need for construction management professionals with practical expertise and knowledge in legal relations and design/construction engineering processes.

This program’s curriculum includes subjects like organization and use of resources, including capital, materials, labor and is a 33-credit program that brings together the knowledge of various courses in civil engineering, management science, system dynamics, business, and economics.

10. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

University of Illinois’ master’s in construction management online program is made up of a 12-course, 36-credit curriculum. This program helps students focus on the study of construction cost analysis, construction case studies, and virtual sensing for civil infrastructure engineering.

This 36-credit degree program allows students to select between thesis and non-thesis tracks and some learners can even graduate within one year. Prospective students need a minimum 3.0 undergraduate GPA, GRE scores, and three recommendation letters.

This university offers a wide range of career resources for engineering students, including the Handshake software, a career readiness guide, and an internship board. Students get the opportunity to go over network tips and use VMock which is an online platform used to provide detailed resume critique. All incoming learners are eligible for institutional fellowships.

11. Stevens Institute of Technology

The Stevens’ Institute of Technology offers an online master’s degree in construction management that provides coursework and pays attention to three specific topics: management, experiential opportunities, and technical skills in the built environment. The program puts a spotlight on practical learning in the form of case studies and projects.

95% or more of Stevens construction management online programs have an immediate start to their careers after graduation. Students looking for admission into this degree program need a minimum 3.0 undergraduate GPA, GMAT or GRE scores, and two recommendation letters.

Unlike part-time learners, full-time students pay a per-semester tuition fee, which can save them a significant amount of money.

construction management online degree

What to Expect from an Online Master’s Construction Management Program?

An online construction management master’s degree can offer students with many types of optional concentrations. Sometimes, construction management is offered as a concentration within a dedicated graduate program in streams like civil engineering or business administration.

Regardless of whether the program consists of 36 credit or 33 credit coursework, most master’s programs in this discipline include core coursework in fundamental concepts and a capstone course/project of some kind is required to complete the course.

Curriculum for An Online Master’s Degree in Construction Management

The curriculum for a master’s degree in construction management changes from program to program according to the electives and concentration options a student selects.

The most frequently selected concentrations include real estate, construction project management, and green construction. Regardless of which concentration a student selects, all programs ensure that the same core skills are picked up by the students.

These core skills are vital for finding success in the construction field and include advanced leadership, accounting, risk analysis, and project and quality management techniques.

These are the main courses that are included in any masters of construction program:

  • Building Systems: This course gives students knowledge about the development of building systems in the context of architecture and equips students with a foundational architectural background. The coursework covers topics like selection, integration, and innovation of materials.
  • Construction Accounting and Finance: This course explains accounting and financial methods, which are among the most important skills for a construction project manager. Coursework covers topics such as cost control, engineering economy issues, and helps students learn bidding strategies.
  • Budgeting and Estimating: This course gives students the opportunity to review case studies and complete practice software exercises that allow them to become familiar with cost-estimating, budgeting, and cost control methods and technology that are found in the industry.
  • Planning and Scheduling: This course is meant to train graduate students in the fundamental principles of planning, engineering construction methods, CPM scheduling, and resource management using emerging project scheduling software and applications that are relevant to the industry today.

How Long Does it Take to Get a Degree in Construction Management Online?

The amount of time it takes to earn a master’s in construction management online depends on several factors, including:

  • whether you want to pursue these graduate programs part- or full-time
  • whether classes are delivered synchronously or asynchronously
  • a program’s individual graduate degree requirements.

A variety of construction management programs put emphasis on students to have some field experience before the admission process begins. They do include an internship requirement; this can reduce the amount of time you spend to earn your construction degree. Others offer an accelerated track class that is only available to online students.

While the total number of credits needed to graduate will vary from program to program, a typical online master’s in construction management can be completed in 15-24 months.

Get a Degree in Construction Management Online

Construction Industry Employment Outlook

There are many reasons why you should pursue an online degree program in construction management. Individuals with graduate certificates earn an average salary of around $67,444 a year. With a master’s in construction, individuals are expected to earn approximately $107, 793 – $116,402.

Every construction company is looking for educated individuals to take care of construction projects. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that through 2028, the workforce should see 10% growth which is faster than the average of all jobs.

In the mentioned time period, the BLS says that industries all over the country are looking for construction managers for the construction operations of new residences, office buildings, retail outlets, hospitals, schools, restaurants, and other structures.

Those projects could also boost employment growth as roads, bridges, and sewer pipe systems need to be upgraded or replaced regularly.

The construction industry can credit its growth to the need to retrofit buildings to make them more energy-efficient in the current day scenario. As a construction manager, you may be more likely to take care of the renovation and upgrading process of buildings rather than having to oversee new large-scale construction projects.

Why Choose NEIT’s Online Master’s in Construction Management Programs?

The New England Tech Master’s of Construction Management degree program is designed for anyone who wishes to master the principles of business, management, and technology and their application in the construction industry and related fields (architecture, engineering, planning, etc). The ideal candidate will be working in a related field, and/or hold a Bachelor’s degree in a related field.  In the Masters in Construction Management program, we offer:

  • Ten-week long courses that keep you focused and provide the chance to complete your program in as little as 18 months.
  • A faculty that includes leading experts from many top firms, as well as the public sector.
  • Learnings about advanced topics in construction with the most relevant principles of general management and leadership to provide you with the right mix of technical and business skills to be ready for any challenge.
  • A curriculum that is designed to provide a balance of practical and theoretical knowledge that can be applied to your work right away with a long-term base of leading skills to help with your career advancement.
  • 24×7 technical support by email, chat, or phone that helps you work on your schedule.


Earn your degree in Construction from NEIT and begin your new career path today!





Before diving headfirst into a career, select a category, then select a subject, and finally select a degree that will turn your dream career into reality. While selecting your online program, go through the:

  • admission requirements
  • application process
  • tuition rates
  • partner programs
  • course materials
  • thesis track
  • reputation
  • faculty members
  • graduation rate
  • construction modules

Once you’ve done your research, you can shortlist the universities that suit you best and submit your application.

The construction management industry has a plethora of opportunities for graduates with the required skills and temperament who are ready to take up leadership roles.

If you have a keen interest in construction planning and wish to earn your degree, be rest assured that you will easily get a job in the lucrative construction industry. Learn more about the online construction management program offered by NEIT and get your questions answered by visiting the following link.

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1. Is a master’s in construction management worth it?

Pursuing a master’s program in construction management after you’ve earned your undergraduate degree opens up a large number of career opportunities in the construction industry. Construction management alumni usually get their first jobs within the first 8 months of their graduation.

The value of a construction management master’s degree is reflected in the salaries that construction firm employers offer construction managers. Once you’ve earned your bachelor’s degree, the next best step would be to pursue a master’s in construction management.

2. How much is a construction management degree?

Construction management students usually end up paying around $28,000 to $116,000 unless they enjoy the benefits of a scholarship. It is important to remember that this fee covers all the online facilities that educational institutes provide.

Apply for architecture, interior design & construction and graduate in less than 2 years.