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AutoCAD: Multiline (MText) features
Editing / Formatting text has never been so easy Access to MText: Command Line: type in Mtext Ribbon: Annotate Tab / Text Panel / Multiline […]

New England Tech Ranked One of the Best Small Colleges
Exciting News from New England Institute of Technology has been identified as having one of the best small colleges for ISTP Myers-Briggs personality types […]

AutoCAD: Dimreassociate / Reassociate
Not a highly used command but good to know to keep your drawings technically on track with functions and features that AutoCAD offers. Reassociate / […]

AutoCAD: Area command quicker than bringing out the calculator
The Area command calculates both the perimeter and area of your selections. Points in space, points on geometry or selecting Objects to calculate the area […]

NEIT ABT/CMT/ID Networking Night a Success!
On Wednesday, January 20, 2016 the Career Services Office teamed up with the Architectural Department to host its first Networking Night for Architectural/Building Engineering, Construction […]

AutoCAD: A Time Saving Command
Move, Copy, Rotate within the same button: The Express Tools tab offers many unique time-saving options. This button puts you in a (running mode) which […]

AutoCAD: Angular Dimensions greater than 180°
Have you noticed when placing in Angular Dimensions angles over 180° aren’t an option by default? Location of Angular Dimension: Annotate Tab  Dimension Panel within […]