Category: mechanical engineering

Sheila Palmer named Assistant Professor
Sheila Palmer has joined the Mechanical Engineering Technology Department. She comes to NEIT from Barrington Christian Academy, where she was a Science and Math teacher […]

Annie Unger named Instructor, Mechanical Engineering Technology
In March, 2014, Annie Unger was hired as a Physics instructor and has transitioned to teaching in the Mechanical Engineering Technology Department. Annie has spent […]

New Scholarship Established
NEIT is pleased to announce that the Precision Metalforming Association (PMA) – New England District has generously established a $2500 scholarship in honor of Bob […]

New material could make smartphones paper thin
This looks like really exciting new technology that could really change not only smartphones but could have endless possibilities! From We’ve been hearing about […]

Rolls Royce To Use 3D Printing To Create Jet Engine Parts
Aerospace company Rolls Royce has announced that they’re looking into developing jet engines using the highly popular 3D printing method. The thought process behind using […]

Spotlight On New England Tech Quadricycle Club
New England Institute of Technology has formed its own Quadricycle Club. The purpose of this club is to have Mechanical Engineering Technology (MCT) students, as well as […]

Three Million Open Jobs by 60 Minutes
The following snippets are taken from the transcript of a 60 Minutes segment, “Three Million Open Jobs”, which aired on Nov. 11, 2012. Byron Pitts […]