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What is Adult Learning Theory?
Research suggests that the adult brain starts getting lazy at around 25 years old. Of course, that doesn’t mean we aren’t capable of learning new […]

What are the Different Types of Construction?
If you’ve ever spent a night in the city and woke up to the sounds of screeching metal, then you’ve encountered construction. To those outside […]

What is a Technical Degree and Why is it Beneficial?
There are a number of industries that invite entry level employees without a college degree. That list extends from construction to manufacturing and more. But […]

NEIT’s TechXpo 2020
NEIT had 68 companies attend the TechXpo on Wednesday, March 4, 2020. Information Technology, Communications and Engineering students were encouraged to attend, bring their resumes […]

Surgical Technology Students Sharpen Their Skills in Europe
This past summer three ambitious and adventurous Surgical Technology (ST) students traveled to Europe to observe surgical techniques used at hospitals in Italy and Lithuania. […]