Geothermal System Installed at New England Tech’s Automotive School

Wind turbine at NEIT automotive school - Rhode Island

New England Tech Automotive School

New England Institute of Technology continues to invest in its energy future with the installation of a new geothermal system in its automotive school (Center for Automotive Technology) – Access Road campus.

The new system utilizes both energy recovery and geothermal technologies to supply pre-heated and pre-cooled fresh air throughout the facility.

By using the combination of  two green technologies,  energy recovery and geothermal, it is estimated that the auto school will use 60% less electricity and gas to heat and cool the automotive lab.

Installation of the geothermal system is part of New England Tech’s campus-wide green initiative.

To be certain our students are well-versed on various renewable and sustainable energy sources such as wind power, hydro power, fuel cells, tidal power, solar hot water, and geothermal,  these topics have been incorporated into the Electrical, Plumbing, Heating, and Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technology programs. Then our students have the opportunity to complete hands-on exercises and examine the components, installation, environmental impact, maintenance, practicality, site sustainability, and local regulations as they relate to renewable and sustainable energy sources.

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