New England Tech Names New Senior Vice President and Provost

Richard I. Gouse, President of New England Institute of Technology (NEIT), announced Douglas H. Sherman will now serve as the college’s Senior Vice President and Provost.

Douglas H. Sherman

Sherman began his career at NEIT as an electronics instructor in the 1990’s while working in the engineering field. He later joined New England Tech as Associate Provost and Special Assistant to the President in 2008. In addition to his duties in the Office of Teaching and Learning, Sherman was responsible for overseeing the design and renovation of the college’s new state-of-the-art East Greenwich campus.  He served on the Provost’s Council, the Executive Committee, and the Student Success Committee.

Sherman was previously employed as an engineering manager with well-known Rhode Island companies including Narragansett Imaging in North Smithfield, Zebra Technologies in Lincoln, KVH Industries in Middletown, and Optigain in Wakefield.  He holds a Master of Science and Bachelor of Science degrees in Electrical Engineering from the University of Rhode Island.  Sherman is currently pursuing a Doctor of Education degree at Northeastern University.