AutoCAD: Keeping Tabs on your Layout tabs

Written by: Cindra Drowne-Walsh

  • When starting with AutoCAD’s default drawing (acad.dwt) there are two Layouts, Layout 1 and Layout 2. To keeping tabs on what resides in each Layout Tab those tabs should be renamed with a clear description of what is placed in each Layout (Paper Space).  

Here we will explore the feature Rename

Layout tabs 1




How the default Layout tabs in the acad.dwt file are set.


Right-Click option: Move your cursor over the Layout you wish to rename, Right-Click on the mouse. This opens up a pop up window, select the option Rename. (View A) This activates the Layout (Highlighting in blue) (View B) type the new name for that Layout (View C) renamed Layout tab.

Layout tabs 2

View A

Layout tabs 3

                                      View B

Layout tabs 4

                                       View C

Command Line option: At the Command Line type in the command Layout and enter to receive the same options as a Right-Click over a Layout Tab offers.

Layout tabs 5

Once the Layout Command is entered you have the choice to either select the option Rename with the mouse or type in the letter R and enter.

You are then prompted to Enter Layout to Rename.

If the Layout you wish to rename is the default option found in the you enter for the next prompt. (View D) If the default option isn’t within the < > you wish to rename you type in the Existing Layout Name and enter. Ex. layout2 and enter. (View E)

Layout tabs 6

 View D – Renaming the default Layout

Layout tabs 7

 View E – Changing the default Layout to another Layout to Rename

  • Side note anything found within < > is referred to as the default option – just enter if what you want is listed with in those carrots.

    The next prompt is to Enter new layout name: Type in the new Layout Name and enter. Ex. First Floor. You will see in the Command line the changes made (View E) and it will automatically update the Layout Tabs. (View F)

Layout tabs 8




View F

When Renaming a Layout, this can be done at any time while working in the drawing.

Layout names must be unique within each drawing.

The Layout can be named up to 255 characters long, the Layout tab will only display the first 31 characters.    

Layout names are not case sensitive.

Any one drawing can have up to 255 Layouts.