File Tabs: New to AutoCAD 2014

Written by:  Cindra Drowne-Walsh

New, Open, Save and Close options available with a Right-Click of the mouse.

File Tabs: New to AutoCAD 2014

Are you looking for a new way to access the New, Open, Save and or way to Close a drawing? We are now offered another way to access these option found right on the drawing screen with a Right-Click of the mouse over the new feature File Tabs.


When you hover the mouse over an active File Tabs then Right-Click you will have the following options to choose from.


Also if you Right click in the gray area after the File Tabs you have a condensed version of those options available for selecting.


To access a Template File (.DWT) select the file tab with the + sign located at the end of the row. This will open up the Select Template Dialog Box for you to select your desired template. This opens up to where it is pathed out to in the Template Setting found in the Options Dialog Box – File tab.


An asterisk (*) after the drawing file name represents modifications have been made to the drawing and the drawing has not yet been saved.