AutoCAD: Quicker access to all of Open drawings and their Layouts:

Written by: Cindra Drowne-Walsh

File Tabs: New to AutoCAD 2014 

AutoCAD has added another (quicker) way for us access the Model Space and all Layouts in open drawing. File Tabs display the drawing file name and allow quick access to your open drawings. These tabs are located at the upper left corner of the drawing area.



All open drawings can now be displayed in these File Tabs. To activate a different drawing select the File Tab you want. This makes that drawing the current (active) drawing, and opens it up in the last view it was worked in.

To preview prior to selecting a view hover the mouse (cursor) over a File Tab. This displays a preview of both the Model Space and all Layouts within that drawing. (As the Quick View feature in previous versions displayed those options) To select the Model or a specific Layout Tab hover over the File Tab, move the mouse to the view you want to select, select the view, this will make that the current (active) view on the screen. This allows for a quick approach to select what view you would like current.



If you are not seeing the List View you will need to change how the system Variables are defined.

At the Command Prompt type in Filetabpreview this is a System Variables that control of how File Tabs are displayed:

Filetabpreview: Controls weather you see a List View or a Thumbnail view when you hover over a File Tab.

Filetabpreview <1> as the default it will Displays a Thumbnail View

Filetabpreview <0> as the default it will not Displays a List View