Best of TechArts 2014

Thanks to all the artists who submitted art work for the 2014 TechArts Exhibit and who voted for the Best of TechArts. 

The top three winners with the most ballots were Manny Couto for Scrappy, Brittaney Lanphear for Flowers in the Grass, and Jeff Rosario for Penguin.

Auto Collision Repair faculty, Manny Couto's 'Scrappy'

Auto Collision Repair faculty, Manny Couto’s ‘Scrappy’


The winner of the NEIT bookstore gift certificate goes out to Brittaney Lanphear, who came in second place.  Her statement about Flowers in the Grass states, it “portrays the beauty of nature created by materials that could destroy this beauty by simply not recycling it.”  The piece is made of recycled materials; soda cans, tabs, pieces of cardboard box, and plastic bags braided, painted and glued in a circle.

Manny Couto (automotive school faculty) graciously declined to accept the prize so that it could be given to a NEIT student.

Student, Brittaney Lanphear's "Flowers in the Grass"

Student, Brittaney Lanphear’s “Flowers in the Grass”

Student, Jeff Rosario's "Penguin"

Student, Jeff Rosario’s “Penguin”