AutoCAD: Pre Dynamic Input users

Written by: Cindra Drowne-Walsh

Have you embraced this feature?

Dynamic Input:

Allows Command input at the cursor (cross hairs) in the drawing area.

The Dynamic input option when toggled on offers a way to input commands as you would in the Command Line. This feature does not take the place of the Command Line. The Command Line is needed for some operations. Using this feature should help speed up your drawing time.


Toggle the Dynamic Input On/OFF options:

(F12) Key – Located at the top of the keyboard

Status Bar: – Dynamic Input button 8-1 Located in the Status Bar

Blue represents ON / Grey represents OFF

Example of Dynamic Input using Line command:


Prompt 1: start the line command by typing Line (L) and Enter.8-2

Prompt 2: You are prompted as you would at the Command Line for: “Specify first point:” In the first box input the X coordinate, (for your first input) select the Tab key to put you into the next box to then input your Y coordinate (second input) then Enter. This is an example of Absolute Coordinate input X,Y.

*If the first input placement is not exact you can always select a point on the screen to continue from.


Prompt 3: “Specify next point:” here you are prompted to input the desired length, select the Tab key to then input the desired Angle then Enter.



Since the Line command is a running command you can continue the same process to add additional lines.

*To end the Line command, choose either of the following options, select the Enter key from the keyboard, RT-click and select Enter, or select the ESC (escape) key.

If using the Command Line only an example of how your input would be:

Command: L ↵


Specify first point: 10,20 ↵

Specify next point or [Undo]: @30<22 ↵

Specify next point or [Undo]: ↵


*Bonus: When using the Dynamic input feature and the second input is an Absolute Coordinate type the # before typing the Absolute Coordinate.

Example:       Using the Move Command for the second input: