Best of the Best

Best of Tech 2014 2The 17th Annual Best of Tech Awards was held on April 25, 2014, at the East Greenwich campus. Each year, the college’s Office of Teaching and Learning recognizes outstanding students from each New England Tech technology program for their academic and personal achievements. During the Winter quarter, department chairs nominate students that meet the established criteria.

These requirements include eligibility to graduate in May, 2014, outstanding academic achievement, extracurricular activities, volunteering within the community, overcoming obstacles, and the ability to serve as a positive role model.

The Best of Tech award offers recipients the opportunity to highlight this achievement on their resumes, giving them an advantage as they seek employment in their chosen fields.

In addition, Best of Tech award recipients may also apply for one of five of the prestigious Tech Scholar Awards. Tech Scholars are selected by a panel of NEIT administrative staff and faculty who evaluate each of the candidate’s applications.

Tech Scholars 2014 2

The 2014 Tech Scholars pictured with Doug Sherman, NEIT Senior Vice President and Provost, are (from left): Peter T. Sauvageau, Louis Rossi III, Tamena Amini, and Richard J. Flores. Front row: Alexander D. Byrnes.

Congratulations to all.

Best of Tech and Tech Scholars 2014

Tamena  Amini CJ

David M. Balls EST

Darren  Bathgate IT

Ryan A. Beaulieu ITS

Jonathan R. Benoit OTA

Andrew  M. Biederka ASM

Renee M. Breton ST

Alexander D. Byrnes GDS

Silas J. Campbell VDVA

Francis  Carbah Jr ITN

Thomas  G. Cute III CYB

RichardJ. Flores CJ

Bryan Howard ELY

Peter D. Huckins AAUT

Jameson Infantino AAHP

Shawn  L. Isom  MGT

Joseph  J. Jannerelli PLB

Brian H. Josephs MCT

Lisa A. Lagreca   GMW Multimedia

Tawan   M. LaRiviere CMA

Shanice  L. Lobo RC

Erik P. Lougee ITS

Caitlin Lucke ID

Jessica  McMahon Nur

Jason Meyer RAC

Andrew  S. Miele ABT

Casey Morle OT

Tonya Nappa Nur

Ian E. Olson ABT

Whitney M. Phillips MT

Matthew S. Pochebit VET

Thomas  Prenda ELT

Sean P. Resendes ACR

Louis Rossi, III MCT

Kejon Sampson CMT

Tiffany A. Samuels ITN

Peter T. Sauvageau PTA

Colleen Short ID

KaidianV. Smith DRA

Kathryn A. Smith VDEA

Vanio Tavares VAP

Brandy  K. Taylor HIM

LaShanna Taylor Sweeney MGT

David R. Whynot BCC

Stephanie Witt GMW Graphic