AutoCAD: Quick clean-up of Dimension Placement

Written by: Cindra Drowne-Walsh

DIMSPACE: this command adjusts the spacing between Parallel Linear and or Angular dimensions.

Located in the Annotate Tab   Dimension Panel        DIMSPACE button.








The Command sequence:

AutoCAD sequence                                                   User input

Command: _DIMSPACE

Select base dimension:                       This is the Dimension that will stay in place and the other                                                                                        Dimensions will adjust to that one Dimension.

Select dimensions to space:               Here the user selects all Dimensions wanted to adjust. This can be                                                                       done individually or with a Selection Set option.

Select dimensions to space:               Offers another opportunity to select additional Dimensions if                                                                               missed. Once done selecting all Dimensions Enter.

Enter value or [Auto] <Auto>:          Here the user can place a numerical distance or accept the default                                                                        feature <Auto> and allow AutoCAD to adjust the dimension                                                                                spacing.

The first video shows the DIMSPACE Command adjusting the Dimensions using the <Auto> feature and then defining the distance by a numerical value.

Use ZERO for dimensions placed in a Continuous sequence for a quick dimensions adjustment.

At the Enter value or [Auto] <Auto>: prompt type in the number ZERO.

*The AUTO feature references back to the predefined TEXT height of the DIMENSION STYLE of the Base Dimension, which was the FIRST Dimension selected.

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