AutoCAD: The tool palette that keep on giving

Written by: Cindra Drowne-Walsh

Express Tool Palette, Convert to Mtext button.

Mtext is the way to go when placing text (just for the convenience of modifying it later) into a drawing these day, but the Single Line Text is still just click away. If the Single Line Text or if Multiline Text has been exploded the Express Tool Palette has the solution for you to convert that text back into MTEXT.

Convert to Mtext button

Located in the Express Tools tab / Text Panel / Convert to Mtext button


Command Line: type in TXT2MTXT

Command Line sequence to the video it typed:

        Command: txt2mtxt

Select text objects, or [Options]<Options>:

Select objects: Specify opposite corner: 5 found

Select objects:  ↵

5 Text objects removed, 1 MText object added ↵

Note that at the start of the command it offers Options. To access the <options> at the prompt Select Objects ENTER. This will bring up the following dialog box. Displayed is the default and should work for most applications.

txt to mtext options







Selection set order option when chosen, this option allows the user to select the Single Line text in any random order with whatever Selection set method they choose. The text will re-order to the order it was selected. The end results of the text in the video won’t make sense but will show why Selection Set order matters.

The end result is the text has been converted to Multiline text and you now have all the editing options of Mtext available.

* Command input is not case sensitive Lower or Upper case responds the same.

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