Digital and Recording Arts Students Put Their Skills To Work In Providence

Providence Public Schools logoOn Friday, May 2, 2013, Quarter 11 New England Tech’s Digital Recording Arts (DRA) students in the Remote Production class produced a video of the Providence Public Schools City Wide Concert performance.

The concert was the culmination of the hard work from the Providence Public Schools music students in grades 4 to 12.

A total of 16 bands performed on four different stages during the two-hour concert. Under the direction of DRA Technology Associate Professor, Mike Davis, the 12 person crew used five cameras with a multi-camera switcher and monitored the audio for the entire concert. “The team was looking forward to the opportunity to record a live concert. Parents of students expressed how many of the students feel their accomplishments get overlooked,” said DRA student and executive producer of the project, Mike Salois. “We wanted to come in and challenge ourselves as well as produce a quality product for them.”

Thanks to John DeTora, Michael Salois, and Ryan Gavin for a job well done!