Red Sox Legend David Ortiz 34 to Deliver New England Tech Commencement Address

Red Sox 34 David Ortiz gives commencement address to New England Institute of Technology university

Boston Red Sox baseball legend David Ortiz [34] will deliver New England Institute of Technology’s (NEIT) commencement address on Sunday, April 30, 2017.

Ortiz, affectionately known as “Big Papi,” is one of the most prolific hitters in baseball history and a fan favorite on and off the field. Ortiz is credited with helping the Red Sox to their first World Series win in 86 years, and with leading the team to two more World Series championships. He hit an impressive 541 home runs during his career and is considered one of baseball’s all-time greatest clutch hitters for his ability to deliver under pressure. He was a galvanizing figure for the city of Boston following the Marathon bombings, encouraging the citizenry to “stay strong” and showing the way. New England Tech will have the honor of presenting Ortiz with his first honorary degree. During commencement, he will receive a doctor of humane letters in recognition of his leadership, and his work to help others – especially his efforts help children in New England and the Dominican Republic who face significant health challenges.

Ortiz, affectionately known as “Big Papi,” is one of the most prolific hitters in baseball history and a fan favorite on and off the field. Ortiz is credited with helping the Red Sox to their first World Series win in 86 years, and with leading the team to two more World Series championships. He hit an impressive 541 home runs during his career and is considered one of baseball’s all-time greatest clutch hitters for his ability to deliver under pressure. He was a galvanizing figure for the city of Boston following the Marathon bombings, encouraging the citizenry to “stay strong” and showing the way. New England Tech will have the honor of presenting Ortiz with his first honorary degree. During commencement, he will receive a doctor of humane letters in recognition of his leadership, and his work to help others – especially his efforts help children in New England and the Dominican Republic who face significant health challenges.

New England Institute of Technology will also honor two prominent Rhode Island business and community leaders. Bob and Warren Galkin are Chairman and Vice Chairman of Rhode Island’s NATCO Products Corporation, a home furnishings manufacturer and four-generation family business celebrating 100 years in operation. Together the brothers have steered their business through economic success and challenges and grown it into an international company with factories in China, Canada, Maine, Georgia and Rhode Island. They manufacture a variety of consumer products including curtains, carpets, and wooden furniture, and sell them in major retail stores. They have also invested in companies as diverse as employment agencies, assisted living centers and indoor soccer fields. They will receive honorary doctorates during commencement in recognition of their work to improve the lives of Rhode Islanders. They have been significant supporters of education, research, and healthcare. Warren set up endowment funds for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Warwick and spearheaded building and remodeling of the clubs. Bob and his late wife Wini have gifted hospitals, colleges, and historic preservation societies. The brothers are working together to turn the John F. Kennedy aircraft carrier into a Rhode Island museum. Both are dedicated to creating opportunities for the next generation.

This year marks New England Institute of Technology’s 76th commencement.

  • DATE: Saturday, April 30, 2017
  • TIME: Ceremony begins at 11 a.m
  • VENUE: Dunkin Donuts Center, 1 La Salle Square, Providence, Rhode Island (click for map)

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New England Tech 2013 Commencement Featured On CBS News

During their annual commencement speaker wrap-up segment, CBS This Morning (News) showcased a portion of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s commencement speech given to the 2013 graduates at Rhode Island’s New England Institute of Technology.

In the segment, Abdul-Jabbar told graduates that they should not worry about being “the future,” something many children are told their entire lives. It is a heavy burden, he said, “what you are is the present” he concluded.

New England Institute of Technology 2013 Graduates

Associate in Science

(June 2013 Graduate: * // Honors: + // Phi Theta Kappa, International Honor Society: PTK)

Andolina F. Acquisto *
Dennis R. Adamo *
Benjamin P. Adams
Nicholas C. Agresti *
Zachary Aiello *
Daniel M. Aizen *
D’Angela L. Alberty
Brooke M. Alexander +
Dimitry Alexis
Matthew E. Allard +
Robert A. Allard
Kezia J. Allen
Willie J. Allen
Brittany H. Almeida
Daniel V. Almeida
Wendy Alzate
Jesse B. Amado
Kayla A. Amadon *
Dylan J. Amaral
Michael J. Amaral + PTK
Jose A. Amaya
Stephen Ameno
Miles D. Andrade
Michael Andrea
Gregory J. Andrews
Jeffrey L. Angell
Bruce J. Antone Jr *
Samuel H. Anyzeski *
Lissette C. Aponte
Kara A. Applei
Tracy M. Aranjo
Steven Araujo
Sarah E. Arnold
Rafael Arroyo +
Susy Arruda +
Bradford J. Arthur +
Steven F. Astacio
Pedro B. Avila-Medina
Matthew M. Ayotte
Joel T. Badger
Christopher Baez
Adam J. Baiardi
Charles M. Bair *
Daniel J. Bakanowsky *
Cory M. Baker
Jevon S. Baker
Marc Balasco *
Eric Banchs +
Kristen E. Bannon
Armia Banoub +
Brendan W. Barba
Joseph C. Barbato
Brian L. Barboza *
Ballah C. Barco *
Desiree M. Bard
Mark R. Bardol
Marlon E. Barrientos *
Edwin R. Barrios Jr
Thomas Bastianelli *
Jennifer H. Batres
Julio Bautista
Joshua A. Beach +
Nicole P. Beaudoin
Brice J. Beaulac
Nicholas A. Beauregard +
Kristopher W. Becker + PTK
David J. Begy
Samantha L. Belanger +
Antonio R. Belisle Jr
Ashley N. Benevides *
Brandon M. Benoit *
Cassandra A. Benson
Morgan D. Berard
Brandon M. Bergeron
Marc E. Bernier
Joseph D. Bertonazzi
Stacy M. Bertram
Jeffrey R. Berube *
Francisco J. Bettencourt *
Dylan R. Bicchieri *
Ryan D. Bishop + PTK
Jacob J. Blais
Ramsey S. Blohm
Matthew R. Bocchino
Aaron S. Bolano *
Edward W. Bolduc Jr. +
Jamie M. Bolton +
Aaron A. Bonin Jr
Lori T. Booher +
Heather L. Booker
Christopher Borges
Jonathan H. Borges
Timothy J. Borsey
Princeton D. Boston +
James M. Boucher + *
Molly L. Boucher
Maria F. Bourski +
Garrett R. Bousquet
Meghan M. Bouthillette *
Jessica L. Bows *
Nathaniel Braasch + *
Agnieszka T. Brady
Kristen E. Branca *
Jennifer W. Brandon + PTK
Mercedes Bravo *
Albert J. Braynen
Thomas J. Brennan II *
Timothy F. Brenner
Tyler M. Brien
Jennifer M. Brierley *
Rosemarie C. Brill
Kevin Brizida +
Joshua R. Brock + PTK
James E. Brookman
Matthew Brouillard
Alexander G. Brousaides
Jeffrey W. Brown *
Michael A. Brown
Shannon E. Brown
Matthew D. Brule *
Jacob G. Brunette
Adam B. Brunetti *
Anthony C. Bucci Jr *
Ariane Buffum
Samuel R. Burdick *
Matthew J. Burdulis *
Kyle J. Burk
Michael T. Burrows *
Olivia C. Burton + *
Arthur E. Burton III +
Peter M. Butler + *
Nathan D. Butterfield
Jessica M. Butts *
Frederick C. Butts Jr
William J. Cain
Rosemary A. Calarese
Robert J. Caldas Jr
Jonathan J. Caligiore
Samuel J. Calixte + PTK
Nathen Calle
Emmanuel E. Calzada
Jonathan D. Camelo
Caroline M. Campbell
Sherry L. Campbell +
Pia M. Capone
Joshua M. Caprio
Alexander J. Caramadre
Evan W. Carey
Thomas R. Carley Jr
Matthew J. Carpentier
Dylan C. Carpino
Brett R. Carrano + PTK
Nicole M. Carroll
Kevin A. Cartagena *
Jason K. Carter
John F. Casey
Jeffrey S. Caswell *
Amy L. Caturano
Robert P. Cavallaro
Taylor E. Celico
Nicholas J. Cellini
Andrew P. Center
Ariana C. Cesino *
Luis A. Chala
Kyle R. Chappelle
Andreas M. Charitou
Stephen M. Chartier
Chen Chhath
Teresa L. Choquette
Carol L. Christel + PTK
John C. Ciejka + PTK *
Jesse D. Ciolfi
Nahomie L. Civil
Daniel Clare +
Kimberly A. Clark
Steven J. Clark Jr *
Juan A. Colato *
Steven M. Colclough
Andy S. Cole + PTK
Bradley T. Cole
Nathan K. Cole
Paul Colekraty
Dane J. Collins
David A. Collins *
Maribel Concepcion *
Christopher J. Consiglio + PTK
Joseph W. Constantin-Guild
William R. Contreras
Jahquan C. Cooper
Charles G. Corbin +
Nicholas Cordon
Patti-Jo W. Cosme
Jenna Costa *
Michele E. Costa *
Michelle E. Costa
Jeremy S. Coston + *
John M. Cote
Michael A. Cote
Leo Cote III
Ian M. Cottle
Sean L. Couepel
Aaron A. Cournoyer
Robert H. Courtens
Timothy S. Craven
Mychel B. Crowe
Laura A. Crowley + PTK
Carolin E. Cruz
David A. Cruz *
Margarita Cruz
Onelia Cruz
Ethan D. Cruze + *
Adam C. Cudworth *
Susan L. Cullers
Tiffany D. Cunha *
Shelagh E. Cunningham + *
John A. Curran III *
Eben T. D’Agostino
Nicole DaPonte
Sarah P. Dansereau
Jacob M. Davis
Erick F. De la O Jr. *
Miguel F. DeAlmeida + PTK
Christopher W. DeBaggis
Christopher D. DeBeradinis
Glenda I. DeBevoise +
John M. DeGenova
Richard A. DeGuilio +
Melissa M. DeLuca
Frank S. DeMartino *
Alfredo B. DePina Jr
Jacob A. Dean
Nicholas E. Dean
Gianna C. Defeo +
Deanthony P. Defreitas
Mason DelGiudice
Marciano H. Dela Cruz *
Patrick S. Demers
Christopher G. Deneault
Glen A. Denzer *
David J. Desautel *
Shana T. Dewar
Christopher T. DiFazio
Matthew S. DiLandro +
Joseph M. DiPrete
Brian E. Dias +
John M. Dillon
Olivia M. Dineen
John-Michael Diosa
Melissa Divozzi +
Lorna M. Dobson + PTK
David P. Dockendorff III *
Robyn H. Dombrowski + PTK
Joshua D. Dominguez-Rivera *
Alba G. Done
Sevan A. Donoian
Sandra M. Doran
Jennifer L. Dowd +
Kathryn M. Drake
Chelsea L. Duarte
Timothy Dube
Arthur J. Dugas III +
John A. Dulmaine +
Kenneth C. Dupuis
Kyle Duquette +
Francisco Duran
Juan F. Duran
Kelly R. Dwyer *
Eric A. Dyer
Santana Dykas
Lindsey J. Earle
Amanda J. Egan
Peter S. Eklund +
Elmehdi Elfahmi
James Emery
Kelsey C. Emmett +
Marileni S. Espinal
Nicolas R. Espinosa
Michael R. Evans
Craig S. Everitt Jr + *
Robert A. Fabricant
Andrea L. Fandetti
Matthew R. Fantasia
Kristen L. Farrell
Michael B. Fenning *
Jessica L. Fernandes *
Courtney H. Ferreira
Kelly A. Ferreira
Mark A. Ferri II
Louie A. Ferro
Ashley A. Fisher *
Jason R. Fisher
Tyler J. Fitzgerald *
Brian F. Flagg *
Heather M. Flateau
Robert A. Fleury
Alfred D. Flint
Randall W. Flint + PTK
Misael F. Floriano
Kevin M. Flynn
Matthew E. Flynn
Kevin S. Fontes *
Benjamin D. Forgiel
Melissa B. Fortes
Catherine A. Fortier *
Joseph P. Fortin
Shawna M. Fortin *
Lauren A. Fortini *
Gaige E. Fox +
Timothy Francks
Christopher J. Frisella
Michael M. Frost
Steven J. Gagne
Joseph M. Gakui
Michael A. Gallo
Ronald P. Gallo
Amanda L. Gambuto +
Daniel M. Garcia
Steven A. Garcia +
Jason T. Gardiner *
Adam B. Garner
Michael L. Garriepy + *
Ashley A. Gauthier
Nicholas J. Gershkoff + PTK
Alaina R. Gerzog + PTK
Erik A. Gharaee *
Eric O. Giguere
Michael D. Gilbert
Robert W. Gilman
Amy E. Ginaitt + PTK *
Sabatino J. Giordano + PTK
Allyson R. Girard *
Christopher C. Girard
Jacob P. Giroux
Alexander K. Gnardellis *
Daniel W. Goldsmith +
Benjamin S. Goldstein *
Ricardo M. Gomes
Steven A. Gomes
Richard J. Gomes Jr
Ashley M. Gonsalves
Jonathan N. Gonsalves
Michael P. Gonzalez
Reinaldo Gonzalez
John A. Goodwin
Andrew M. Gordon
Michael A. Gourzong
Chad A. Goyette +
Pamela J. Goyette + PTK
John R. Grace +
Benjamin Grajales *
Sarah K. Gray +
Jared R. Green
Benjamin J. Greene
Brian C. Greene
Jeanna C. Greene + PTK
Maria C. Greene
Erin E. Griffin +
John D. Grioli
Valerie J. Grover
Timothy J. Grundy *
Robert J. Gruschow +
Tanya L. Guedes *
Jarret T. Guercia +
Cordell C. Gutierrez *
Alexander J. Hagan *
Charles A. Hagenburg
Joel Q. Hagenburg
Alex C. Hager
Nicholas M. Haidemenos
Tiffany L. Hall
Mark A. Hallett
Lara Hammond
Christina M. Hanchett
Thomas B. Hanscom
Ean A. Hansen + PTK
Jeffrey M. Hanson *
Shawn R. Hare + PTK *
Paul S. Harlow
Michael S. Harrington
Robert M. Hasomeris
Jennifer L. Hauser
John P. Hebert *
Robert T. Hedrick
Matthew R. Hefflefinger + *
Brittney A. Henning +
Jonathan M. Hey
Michael S. Hey +
Melanie L. Higgins
Valerie Higgins + *
Charles R. Higgs
Michelle-Lynn Hill *
Arron J. Hillman
Christopher N. Hines *
William D. Hollinghurst Jr *
Michael P. Hoover *
Jessica Hoppe
Mark E. Horler
Kyran J. Horne
Neil P. Hosking +
Jennifer M. Houle
Roger B. Houle III
Frank A. Housen
Kameron F. Howard *
Matthew Howard-Nolan
Kristie A. Hugus
David P. Iannuccilli *
Timothy S. Iavarone
Cameron D. Inman
Roberto D. Irving + *
Brandon J. Jacinto
Danielle A. Jackson
Jocelynn R. Jackson
Kameron B. James
Hunter D. Janovsky *
Maria C. Jansky *
Tanyaleah Jardin
Kevin E. Jasper
Keith E. Jensen
Chelsey A. Johnson +
Jerome W. Johnson
Kenneth L. Johnson +
Ryan T. Johnston
David F. Jones
Kelli J. Jourdain *
Eder Juarez *
Mehujael Jules
Christopher L. Kalalas
Myles R. Kalf
Jordan F. Kalinowski *
Michael J. Kane *
Thomas W. Karnau +
Stephen C. Karneh
Kayla A. Karol
Christopher T. Keefe + *
Brian D. Kelly
Lindsey D. Kendrick
Brian A. Kennedy *
Eric A. Keyes
Daniel J. Kidder
Matthew P. Kiely +
Shannon Kilcoyne
Allison B. Killilea
Rebecca E. Kilmer + PTK
Lacey D. Klegraefe
Cheryl L. Kowalczyk *
Steven M. Kowalewski *
Seth J. Krasnianski
Diogo V. Kruger
Kaylee M. Kumiega
Nathan H. Kwang
Christopher D. LaChance +
Andrew J. Ladouceur +
Angela M. Lake
Zachary A. Lane *
Angela L. Langlais *
Diane E. Lanpher + *
Andre L. Lapierre
Matthew D. Larson
Richard A. Lavery II
Kelley L. Lavoie +
Benjamin J. Lavornia *
Kara E. Lawless +
Darnell J. Lay
Chelsea J. LeBlanc +
Ross C. LeClaire
Jessica R. LeVasseur + PTK
Jessica Leander *
Shawn M. Leary *
Jennifer L. Lebel + *
Michael W. Lebel +
Christopher J. Lee
Yun Lee
Felix Lei
Anthony P. Lemonde
Tonya L. Lesiuk
Alexander R. Letarte
James E. Lewis *
Jason M. Libby + PTK
Wade P. Light
Matthew P. Lipsie +
Jevorni J. Lloyd
Brian P. Loftus *
Jordan A. Loiselle
Stefanie Lombardi + *
Brian M. Lopes
Che’ J. Lopes
Shelbi M. Lopes
Moise Louis-Jean
Jonathan Louttit
Jessica G. Lowe
Robert J. Lubera *
Flor E. Luis
John F. Lynch +
Benjamin R. Lyons
Daniel S. Lyszczak +
Cheryl L. MacDonald
Michael S. MacDonough
Derek T. MacDougall +
James A. MacKay + PTK
Christopher D. Macone *
Michael A. Madrid *
Seamus L. Mahoney + PTK *
Jamie S. Maillard +
Matthew R. Mallin
Katherine M. Mandolfi *
Peter A. Manooshian +
Athenna C. Manuel *
Jessica L. Mareiro
Alexander P. Mariani
Stephen M. Marold
James R. Marquis
Benjamin J. Marron *
Nathan D. Marshak
Heather L. Marshall *
Kayla L. Martel
Amy C. Martin *
Caitlyn Martin
Charles E. Martin + PTK
Derek J. Martin
Baldwin A. Martinez *
Kyle R. Martinez *
Erin Martley +
Justin R. Marvill + PTK
Andrew Masse
Caitlin E. Mastalerz
Janessa Matos
Rogierre K. Matos *
Frank O. Mattera + PTK
Michele K. May
Zachary S. Maynard
Lindsay A. McAuslan + PTK
Maura R. McCabe
Ryan M. McCaffrey + PTK *
Adam J. McCauley
Elizabeth L. McFate
Joshua R. McHale *
Alexander C. McIntosh *
Matthew W. McIntyre
Shane McIntyre
Ashton M. McKenzie
Michael P. McLeod + *
Kasie E. McMahon
Jason T. McNeely +
Sean J. McQuilkin
Glenn J. Meade *
Eric J. Medeiros
Jamie L. Medeiros +
Jesse M. Medeiros
Mackenzie B. Medeiros +
Ramona Medeiros *
Michael D. Mees
Jennifer L. Melendez
Cameron J. Mello
Ivanna Mendez
Matthew Mendonca
Christopher J. Metivier
Megan E. Michaud +
Nicholas J. Micheletti *
Lucas D. Miles +
Joseph R. Millay
Brooke A. Mills
Mario M. Mills *
Keri A. Minick +
Jessica S. Miranda + *
Murray R. Mitchell + PTK
Vannak Moeun
Julian D. Moniz +
Leonaldo A. Monteiro
John N. Montero
Jessica S. Moone
Jesse M. Moorehead
Felix J. Moreno +
Joseph M. Moreno
Paul J. Moretti
Seth D. Morin
Phillip D. Morrell +
Kristin B. Morris
Thomas E. Morris
Stephen G. Morrison + PTK
Willie J. Moseley
James B. Mozilo *
Brandon T. Mulkern
Timothy D. Mulson
Andrew A. Munroe
Patrick J. Munroe *
Ryan K. Murray
Elliott Z. Myers *
Matthew C. Myers
David A. Nacci Jr
Julia R. Nahas
Edwin Nanhandja +
Erica G. Nardi
Brandyn Neals *
Candon T. Needham +
Christopher L. Nelson
Sage M. Neto
Andrew W. Niedfeldt +
Andrew J. Nikitas
Matthew A. Nishan *
Daniel J. Nizeul *
Corey J. Nogueira
Boone W. Nolan *
Melissa A. Nolan
Joshua R. Noonan
Matthew A. Norman
Michael C. O’Brien +
Michael D. O’Hare
Justin W. O’Rourke + *
Matthew C. O’Sullivan
Bianca V. Obando
Fernando A. Olivares
Connor J. Olson *
Tammy L. Olson *
Michael D. Orticelli *
Robert W. Otto III *
Jeremy J. Ouellette + *
Kristen M. Pacheco + PTK *
Logan J. Pacheco
Katrina T. Paiva
Daniel R. Palmer
Jesse L. Palmer
Tracy P. Pampel + PTK
Adam G. Paolino
Gianna R. Papa *
Vincenzo D. Papa
Michael F. Paquin
Kirsten E. Parent
Matthew P. Pastore + *
Bindi P. Patel
Gilda J. Paul +
John Paul +
Michael A. Paulhus +
Lerin V. Peckham
David J. Pelletier
Eric J. Pelletier +
Jessie L. Pelletier +
Maximilian K. Pelletier *
Robert W. Pelletier
Jessica L. Peloquin
Jose D. Pena
Cheryl A. Pendleton
Amanda E. Pepin +
Joshua Pereira
Kraig M. Pereira +
Brandon Perras-Sanchez
Emily L. Perry *
Michael A. Persechino
Briana J. Peterson
Jeffrey H. Peterson + PTK *
Matthew A. Petisce
Stephen M. Petrarca + PTK
Matthew P. Petrillo *
Maggie P. Petrin
Daniel Pettus +
Michael A. Phelps
Charles W. Piazza
Michael V. Pietros
Michelle J. Pietrzyk + PTK
Steven D. Pigeon Jr
David R. Pignone + *
Bradley T. Pike +
Zachary T. Pike
Heather A. Pilkington
Erik B. Pimentel
Jessica L. Pimentel *
Robert J. Pine Jr
Joshua A. Pinho
Christopher S. Pion +
Corey J. Pion
Benjamin J. Piquette +
Ivandro L. Pires +
Christian J. Pirnie *
Nicholas Pirog III
Robert M. Pistorio
Ky Plamondon
Brian M. Poland
Brandon C. Pond
Mark J. Pontarelli + PTK
Adam E. Poole *
Roberta B. Portugal
Meghan M. Potter *
William Potter
Krista M. Poulin
Ian H. Prendergast + PTK
Jason T. Prochet +
Michael A. Procko
Brandon Provencal
Saamir Qadir *
Alexis D. Quinones +
Nuno F. Ramos
Harold P. Ramsay III *
Kyle M. Rapose
Dewey J. Raposo
Sebastian A. Raposo
Michele L. Rathbun *
Kyle C. Reed
Colby A. Rei *
Robert F. Reilly
Suze G. Rene
Michael T. Rennell
Ryan N. Reuter *
Yoelson Reyes *
Chet H. Reynolds
Emmanuel Reynoso
Jonathan Reynoso
Ryan A. Rezendes
Elizabeth A. Richard +
Alyssa R. Richards + *
Frantzsicot Richemond
Jessica A. Richer
Adam P. Risk-Adams +
Carlos J. Rivera *
Hector D. Rivera
Isaac Rivera *
Melissa Rivera
Jonathan R. Robert
Marc Robert
Deangelo S. Roberts
Mitchell R. Roberts *
Patrick G. Roberts
Tanya T. Roberts *
Brendan N. Robinson
Joseph M. Roccapriore *
Jeffrey M. Rodrigues *
Michael J. Rodrigues +
Sergio A. Rodriguez
Michael E. Rodzen
Michael S. Rogers
Kristin A. Rohde + PTK
Paul J. Rola *
Jennifer L. Roscoe + PTK
June M. Rose +
Anthony J. Rossi
Mark D. Rossi
Marc S. Rothenberg
Derek W. Rotondo
Sean C. Rourke
Paul J. Roy *
Russell Royality-Lindman +
David A. Rudin
Brendon T. Ruhan *
Kelvin R. Ruiz
Lori A. Russell
Amy L. Rybak *
Steven R. Saccoccio *
Peter G. Sadeck
Ingrid V. Salazar
Hector R. Sanchez *
Claudia P. Sandoval
Justin W. Sansouci
Victor M. Santiago
Joselyn M. Santos
Laurieanne R. Sarro +
James P. Schade
Elizabeth J. Schaffer *
Heather R. Schaffer *
Sarah Schirduan
Joshua W. Schreiner
Kristin M. Schroder + PTK
Brittney E. Schuessler
Kristen L. Seaberg
Christopher J. Sealey *
Nicholas J. Sepe
Fabid O. Serna
Shalon M. Serpa
Christina Serra *
Stephanie Y. Set Guzman *
Alec C. Shappy
Edward M. Shay
Justin J. Shea
Angkana Sheer
Carole A. Sherman +
Wayne A. Shirk +
Jessica L. Shoe +
Benjamin P. Sias +
Brian A. Sical
Dillon J. Silva
Hayle C. Silva + *
Heather L. Silva
David E. Silvia
Thomas Simbron +
Sarah K. Simonelli
Jacob E. Singvongsa
Joshua D. Slade *
Kelly R. Slater
Kenneth M. Small III +
Corey A. Smiley
Camden G. Smith *
Forrest C. Smith
Heather Smith
Katherine E. Smith
Trevor Smith *
Tyler R. Smith
Autumn F. Smith-King
Candice L. Soares +
Marc D. Soares
Zachary S. Soldan-Burke
Marina L. Soucy
Robert B. Souve III
Katherine E. Sowa +
Thomas H. Sozzi *
Allison L. Spampinato
Kasey L. Sparadeo
Dwawna M. Speaks
Kayla L. St Amour +
David S. St Cyr
Alan L. St Pierre Jr +
Patrick G. Stanganelli
Dalton J. Stenstrom
Adam W. Stephens +
Justin M. Stone
Paul D. Stott
Christopher P. Streubel
Kayla J. Strezsak +
Chad W. Stromberg
Raymond M. Sullivan
Kahari J. Sullivan Little
Christian M. Sunderland + PTK *
Nicholas K. Sundman +
Brandon P. Supinski
Tyler J. Sutcliffe + PTK
Gary J. Sykes *
Donald V. Sylvia + PTK
Nicolas J. Tadlock
Duane A. Talbot
Paul E. Talbot + *
Timothy H. Tally
Sean L. Tanner *
Brittney Tate + PTK
Jason S. Tatro
Kevin Tavares
Eyram E. Tay + PTK
Michael L. Taylor
James R. Tellier +
Nathan A. Tessier
Shawn H. Tetrault Jr
Kristine M. Thatcher *
Harley R. Thomas *
Nicole W. Thompson + *
Nicole M. Thurston
Tommi V. To
Erin K. Tooley + PTK
Felix Torres
Dylan G. Tramontano *
Amy J. Travers
Patrick R. Traverse *
Stephen Tremblay + PTK *
Jacob A. Trent
Jahrell R. Trott-Raynor
April D. Trudel
Minh Q. Truong *
Bryan D. Tweedie
David G. Ucci
Yamilka Urizar
Luis J. Valentin
Katie Valle
Theresa C. Vallera
Deborah A. Valliere + PTK
Dominic O. Valmond
Erick A. Vasquez *
Samantha L. Vasquez
Tabitha D. Vaz
Dimas Vazquez *
Matthew J. Veitch
Lawrence R. Velino III
John M. Verardo +
Massiel A. Verria +
Cory L. Vertentes *
Stephanie M. Vertentes
Edwin J. Villarrubia
Destie R. Vinacco *
Matthew R. Volpe *
Emily E. Walker
Trevor M. Wallace
Joshua M. Walley *
Michael P. Walsh
Nathaniel J. Weber +
Robert J. Weeks
Judith A. Wenc-LaVine + PTK *
Matthew A. Wentworth *
Ryan J. West *
Alexander J. Wheeler
Adam W. Whitaker
William J. White +
Corey R. Whittemore
Blaze Wiersch
Eric N. Wilbur +
Michael B. Wilder
David R. Wilkerson II *
Stephen P. Wilkicki + PTK
Kyle G. Wilkins
Rebekah A. Wilks +
Kevin M. Williams *
Tyson E. Williams
Lacie T. Williams-Hill
Michael W. Winemiller *
Edward J. Wingert + PTK
Chad R. Wingren *
Gregory A. Winslow +
Benjamin R. Wisniewski *
Nicholas J. Wityak
Kevin A. Wojtkowski +
Todd E. Wolfe +
Ramon C. Wong
Thomas M. Wood +
Eric T. Wright
Christopher J. Wyand
Sean W. Wyman *
Patrick Youn
Brian T. Young +
Catherine L. Young + *
Jason W. Young
Lauren M. Young *
Justin A. Zielke
James P. Zigmont
Christopher R. Zito +

Bachelor of Science 

(June 2013 Graduate: * // Honors: + //Alpha Chi, National Honor Society: AC)

Michael V. Aguiar
Jaimie M. Alber
Angelo C. Alves *
James M. Alves
Troy F. Alves
Stephen Ammatuna
Michael Anastasio + AC
Anildo M. Andrade
Gamaliel D. Andrade
Keith P. Atwood
Alison M. Aubin
Kevin M. Aubin
Ciaran J. Baird
Christopher J. Banna
Glenn E. Barboza
Nicholas D. Baril
Walter S. Barlow
Ryan T. Bateman
Michael S. Bebis +
Ryan E. Bedard
Corey Belchior
Kathleen Bennett +
Robert M. Benson
Matthew E. Bertrand
Nathan G. Bessette
Alexander T. Bibeault
Alan M. Bissonnette *
Jonathan D. Blake
Thomas Borawski + AC
Andrew Borden
Mason R. Bourdeau +
Timothy S. Brastow +
Matthew R. Brechlin +
Kristen M. Brown +
Deborah A. Burbank + AC
Brian T. Burke
Brian Burns + AC
Tyler D. Caffelle
Nathan J. Camara
Jayro Candelier
Dylan T. Cannon
Liam P. Carey +
Justin R. Caron
Shawn Carvalho
Tristan M. Case +
Alyssa M. Cassino
Adam G. Chirico +
Miles C. Clairborne
Corey M. Clark + AC
Gerardine Coicou
Ryan P. Conley +
Gabriel Correia
Heather L. Cost
Daniel P. Cuccia + AC
William J. Custode +
Annemarie DaSilva
Joshua D. DaSilva +
Borislav T. Dafov + AC
Amphay Daoheuang
Richard C. Davis
Michael P. Day
Matthew R. DeBlois
Patrick V. DePina
Bryan T. DeStefano
Paul M. Demers *
David J. DiGiampaolo-Bogan
Rafael A. Disla Pena
George A. Doyle *
Michael P. Doyle
Gabrial N. Dubois + AC
Seth M. Dubois
Jesse A. Dugas
Eric L. Dykstra
Rita C. Ebanks +
Joseph P. Eddy
Braeland G. Edwards *
Christopher G. Esper +
Frank R. Estrada + *
Peter M. Faggella
Michel B. Fantinato
Daniel W. Flatt
Filipe D. Fortes
Benjamin M. Fortier
Scott N. Fountaine
Junior A. Francis
Benjamin R. Gammell
Mitchell D. Gaudette
Andrew J. Geisser
Peter J. Gerhard
Patrick J. Gilman
Lita M. Go *
Alan J. Golde
Octavio J. Gomez
Tracey L. Gowdey + AC
Arthur A. Grace +
Matthew T. Grace
Jonathan R. Hall
Ryan R. Hanslik
Nora K. Haraldstad +
Kenneth C. Harding *
Patrick J. Harnedy
Glenn Harrigan *
Kim E. Harris
Alexander W. Harrison
Matthew M. Harwood
Robert M. Hayes *
William Hayes
Justin R. Hebert
Robert A. Heintzelman +
Chase P. Hermanson
Ramon Hinds + AC
Kelly A. Hines
Melissa S. Holland
Kyle P. Houghton
Amy C. Hull *
Patrick W. Hurteau *
Paul A. Hyland
Alexander D. Iwuc
Rachel C. Jackson +
Ranulph Jackson
David L. Jean *
Derek E. Jervis + AC
Steven A. Johnson
Jon E. Jordan *
Scott D. Kadey +
Matthew Karn +
Crystal L. King *
Brogan E. Kisseberth
Daniel J. Laba
Thomas J. Lage
Kenneth J. Lambert +
Oliviann A. Langeland *
Lester Laracuente
Kate L. Larkin
Nathan J. Lavault
Ngoan V. Le
Douglas G. LeBlanc
Marlon Llewelyn
Eric W. Lyman
Brody E. Madden + AC
Joseph S. Manzo
Robert J. Margitich
Drew D. Martin
Paulo J. Martins +
Alex M. Masi
Scott M. Masterson
Joseph G. McKenna
Kyle McQueeney +
Michael S. Mears
Michael A. Medeiros + AC
Joshua A. Mendonca
Filipe R. Mesquita
Derek J. Millette *
Adilson P. Monteiro
Mariano E. Mora
Ryan J. Morisseau
Nigel J. Mount
Bradley P. Muller
Anthony Napolitano
Alexander Narodowy *
Andrew R. Neiman
Peter M. Nelson + *
Daythan N. Newton
William G. Norsworthy +
Aidan Norton
Jennifer Nunez *
Michael C. O’Callahan
Kanmi S. O’Neal *
Libardo J. Ochoa +
Timothy R. Ormerod *
Kyle Ozycz
Gina M. Pacheco
William J. Palumbo
Christopher E. Pancaro + AC
Lee C. Pappas
Andrew E. Peckham +
David Pennetti
William E. Pepin
Stephen J. Petto
David P. Picano *
Sunnara Pich
Jose I. Pinheiro
Michael C. Poitras
Michael J. Poland
Owen M. Quail
David Ramirez Chaverri
Paul A. Raposo
Peter F. Rice
Christopher J. Robinson *
Christian R. Roca
Zachary R. Roeleveld *
Joel M. Romberger *
Gene P. Rosati +
Christopher P. Rose +
Monique E. Rowe
Kejon P. Sampson
Leandro Santana
Aaron J. Schloesser +
Michael P. Scicutella
Jason Sengsavang *
Katherine Sepulveda *
Chanthy Seth + AC
Tyler J. Shaw *
Jesse A. Shepherd *
Joseph M. Sierejko
Steven P. Simpson
Hussien M. Skaiky +
Matthew R. Slotnick *
Kenrick L. Smith +
Sarah A. Smith
Teche E. Smith
Derek M. Solas
Daniel D. Sopel +
Alfred G. Soucy +
Michael T. Spurling Jr +
Nathan R. St Cyr
William J. Steinke
Matthew L. Swanson +
Courtney Sylvia *
Jessica E. Taft *
Kunitsue F. Takahashi
Lauren N. Tankle
Timothy P. Tartaris +
Joshua J. Tiberio
Keith R. Tingus *
David W. Tripp
Alicia N. Trombley
John Trotta III
Michael B. Urso
Byron E. Valle Jr
Ronnie Vasquez-Rivas
Lillian A. Velasco
Laura J. Volpicelli
Michael R. Warner
Michael C. Watson
Jake V. Whittaker
Alane L. Williams +
Rudy D. Williams
Matthew J. Williamson +
Angelika E. Wilson
Khalil P. Wright +
Jonathan A. Yaghjian
Kyle D. Zablocki
Sebastian Zapata
Toby Zheng +
Marc T. deWolf

Master of Science

(June 2013 Graduate: * // Honors: +)

Melissa E. Avery +
Amy J. Battles-Borkowski +
Sara M. Byers +
Kimberly Cabral +
Ginger M. Cameron +
Jill A. Castergini +
Jaime M. Collard +
Scott C. Conley + AC
Courtney J. Crone +
Dina M. De Angelis
Heather A. Dupont +
Lucille C. Garcia + AC
Janelle L. Gilman-Scott
Tina I. Horbert +
Sue E. Hunt +
Chelsea R. LaPorte +
Crystal R. Larrabee +
Sloan A. Lazzareschi
Jennifer E. Lyons
Kelly A. Marot + AC
Jill M. McCormack + AC
Melissa L. McKeon +
Charlene Miranda +
Julissa O. Molina
Lindsey M. Pacheco +
Natalie C. Petrucci +
Bethany L. Pratt + AC
Courtney S. Reilly *
Shannon C. Strate +
Dianna Sutcliffe +
Danielle C. Tripi +

New England Tech Commencement Speaker Featured in ESQUIRE Magazine

New England Institute of Technology’s 2013 commencement speaker, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, has recently been featured in ESQUIRE magazine, after writing an article titled: 20 Things I Wish I Knew When I Was 30.

KAJ Esquire Article




Basketball legend, author, actor, award-winning film producer and community activist Kareem Abdul-Jabbar will deliver the commencement address to New England Institute of Technology graduates on Sunday, May 5, 2013 at the Rhode Island Convention Center. Abdul-Jabbar is the NBA’s All-Time Leading Scorer with 38,387 points. He is a 19-time All Star and six-time Most Valuable Player, famous for his indefensible skyhook, a shot opposing players found impossible to block. With 20 years in the NBA, the 7-foot-2 Hall of Fame center had one of the longest careers in professional sports.

Born and raised in Harlem, Abdul-Jabbar has written seven best-selling books on historical subjects as varied as World War II, the Harlem Renaissance basketball team, and the impact of African-American inventors. He is also an award-winning filmmaker. He won two 2013 NAACP Image Awards for his documentary, On the Shoulders of Giants, and a children’s book he co-authored called What Color is My World. He is a pop culture columnist for Esquire Magazine and Huffington Post. He has continued the comedic acting career he started with the movie Airplane! and has appeared in dozens of films and TV series. He’s most recently made appearances on New Girl and Guys with Kids, and is starring in a new reality competition called Splash on ABC.

Abdul-Jabbar has had a lifelong commitment to social justice and equality and is dedicated to bringing history and social studies to children around the globe. His Skyhook Foundation, ‘Gives Kids a Shot that Can’t be Blocked,’ by enhancing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) through literacy in under-served communities. In 2012 he was named a U.S. Cultural Ambassador by Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton. He was also appointed California’s After School STEM Ambassador. He is a passionate advocate for cancer research and healthy living. He will receive an honorary doctor of humane letters during New England Tech’s commencement.

An honorary doctor of humane letters will also be presented to John Hazen White, Jr. who is a prominent Rhode Island business leader and civic activist. White is president of Taco, Inc., a third-generation, $200 million manufacturing company headquartered in Cranston, Rhode Island. Taco is a world-class manufacturer of pumps, valves, tanks, electric controls and other components used in heating and cooling applications. The company is known for empowering its employees through education and involvement in all levels of decision making. White is deeply committed to education and to the arts. He also works to improve Rhode Island’s business and political climate. He writes a bi-weekly newspaper column which focuses on issues of concern to Rhode Islanders and has hosted a public affairs and advocacy TV show called Lookout. He is a visiting professor and trustee at Johnson & Wales University, and a trustee of Wheaton College and of the Williston Northampton School. He has served on the boards of the Rhode Island Economic Policy Council, The Rhode Island Philharmonic Orchestra, Women & Infants’ Hospital and the Greater Providence Chamber of Commerce, Center for Performance Excellence. He was also the founding member of the Rhode Island Manufacturing Summit, a non-partisan coalition of manufacturing and business interests that worked to improve manufacturing in the Ocean State.

This year marks New England Institute of Technology’s 72nd commencement ceremony. Commencement begins at 11 a.m. on Sunday, May 5, 2013 at the Rhode Island Convention Center. More than one thousand students will receive associate, bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

*Editors please note: Media credentials will be available on site. Please contact Jack Groh at (401) 732-0342 or (401) 952-0886 (cell) to make arrangements.