Summer Quarter soccer tournament

IMG_0237On August 7th, a gorgeous Friday, NEIT’s Student Activities Office held its first Summer Quarter soccer tournament. The Blue and Orange teams played two 25-minute halves, with the Blue team winning 5 to 4.

Ezekiel Shiell scored two early goals that gave the Blue team an early advantage. Ezekiel’s sharp play along with teammate Tayo Okeowo’s passing precision, worked to the team’s advantage. After being held scoreless in the first half, Kyle McNeil of the Orange team rallied his teammates with assisting and scoring to help tie the game. There were many off side calls handed down to both teams, but mid-quarter gave the Blue team the advantage as Sterling Davis scored an unassisted goal. All was not lost for the Orange team who held the ball for the majority of the second half; the team had two late goals by Regino Smith and Reginald Smith. Rico Weldon, one of the top players of the game, played a very good and consistent.  He started as goalie in the first half with multiple saves, and in the second half, he scored the final two goals for the Blue team. The match was very intense, and both teams played well, but defensively the Blue team held up during the final two minutes to win the game.

Blue Team

Ezekiel Shiell          2 Goals       

Tayo Okeowo          2  Ast

Sterling Davis         1 Goal

Rico Weldon            2 Goals

Bevin Bankston      2 Ast                       

Orange Team

Kyle McNeil               1 Goal, 1 Ast

Nick Lopez                 1 Goal

Reginald Smith        1 Goal

Regino-Che Smith   1 Goal

Soccer Tournament

Friday, April 18, 2014 was cloudy and chilly, but that didn’t stop the NEIT students who competed in the first Spring Quarter Soccer Tournament.

The teams were named by the color of the tee shirts worn by the players. Each team played three, 22-minute games, and the orange team won the tournament and the purple team came in second.

Goal stats from the tournament:

Game 1           Purple 2 vs. Green 2

Goals:              Purple Team – David Santamaria (2)

Goals:              Green Team – Leonardo Ribeiro (1), Alvaro Soto-Oyola (1)

Game 2           Orange 3 vs. Blue 1

Goals:              Orange Team – DaJon Carey (2), Jamieko Smith (1)

Goals:              Blue Team – Taylor Gardner (1)

Game 3           Purple 1 vs. Orange 3

Goals:              Purple Team – David Santamaria (1)

Goals:              Orange Team – Regino Smith (1), Jamieko Smith (1), Reginald Smith (1)

Game 4           Green 2 vs. Blue 3

Goals:              Green Team – Leonardo Ribeiro (2)

Goals:              Blue Team – Justin Caporiccio (3)

Game 5           Green 5 vs. Orange 7

Goals:              Green Team – Leonardo Ribeiro (4), Byron Geoffrey (1)

Goals:              Orange Team – Regino Smith (3), Reginald Smith (3), DaJon Carey (1)

Game 6           Blue 0 vs. Purple 1

Goals:              Blue Team –

Goals:              Purple Team – David Santamaria (1)

The next soccer tournament will be held on Friday, May 9, (week 6) at 1:30 p.m. REGISTER NOW!Students may enter individually or as a team. Teams must have a minimum of 6 players, with a maximum of 10 players. The entrance fee is $5.00 per player and includes a tournament tee shirt. Payments must be received prior to the start of the tournament by Melissa Hague in room S120B, on the EG Campus. To register, email, also include your shirt size (medium, large & extra large). The tournament will begin at 1:30 pm sharp.

New England Tech Soccer Tournament

New England Tech held our first summer soccer tournament, where four teams played three games each. Congratulations to all of the players, and the winning team!