Steven Kitchin, VP of Corporate and Education Training at NEIT

September 13, 2021

Steven Kitchin joined the NEIT staff in 1986 as the Vice President of Corporate Education and Training, at which time he began to oversee the strategic development of customized training programs for employees, corporations and organizations of all sizes.

Alongside his colleagues, Kitchin has worked with some of the most diverse roster of clients, including Fortune 500 companies, government and economic development agencies, manufacturing and industrial organizations as well as a variety of small businesses. 

Steven Kitchin
Photo of Steven Kitchin

As this year marks his 35th work anniversary at NEIT’s Center for Technology and Industry, we invited Kitchin to an interview where he provided insight on his career and how the institute has created diverse opportunities for employers that require specialized skills for their workforce. 

As an experienced professional who oversees the Center for Technology and Industry at NEIT, Kitchin’s work entails overseeing and amplifying the center’s ability to provide individual clients with non-standard training programs through in-depth analyses and customized action plans.

With years of experience in developing on-the-job and classroom training programs, Kitchin manages all aspects of short-term and long-term client contracts including training program identification, development, administration, and delivery.

He specifically customizes the workforce training programs to meet the needs of organizations, trade associations, and industry.

“Each training program strategy is based upon the organization’s unique needs. Upon completion, every training program is evaluated for its effectiveness.

The value of this type of training is immeasurable to both the client and CTI.” he says.

The Opportunity to Diversify Professional Experiences

The diversity of the NEIT’s degree programs provides Kitchin with an opportunity to work with a wide range of organizations. His work varies day-to-day, including working with specialties such as aseptic technology training for hospital staff and manufacturing programs for shipbuilders as well as a variety of engineering programs.   

“I have the privilege of working with a very talented group of professionals within CTI as well as the NEIT faculty who serve as trainers. I experience a great deal of satisfaction from delivering quality, customized training programs knowing that they assist our clients to operate their organizations more efficiently and with greater success.”  Kitchin, on the unique experience he has encountered. 

students attending neit
Photo by NEIT

Addressing The Fluctuating Workforce Development Training Needs

Over the past few years, there has been tremendous growth in the defense and manufacturing industries. Each program evolves differently as every business is unique in their approach to the delivery of their product and/or service. Frontline managers may determine training needs, or it may originate from the executive team or human resources.

Regardless, workforce and skill development are still key components of business successes. There is often one common theme – an identified point of pain based on the organization’s structure where CTI steps in and addresses the need through customized training efforts.

“This eventually results in less downtime than a generic training program, while ensuring properly trained personnel with essential skill sets to accomplish critical tasks within these organizations.” Kitchin emphasizes.

During the next three to five years, CTI will continue to grow as NEIT develops new degree offerings which, in turn, will require new skill sets and thus expand the marketability of CTI services.

“Both CTI and the university will continue to grow hand-in-hand.” Kitchin says.

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