Level up your game like never before in our innovative Esports Center. Open daily for free play, weekly leagues, and tournaments, the facility has some of the most advanced gaming technologies and most popular games on the market, with plenty of competition to sharpen your skills.

Make friends that last a lifetime, enjoy social events and learn about the Esports industry. Not only does esports provide an entry point to an in-demand field, but it also gives every student the chance to play and advance their skills.

Launch Esports Lab


Stocked with the most popular esports titles on the market, our machines are all MSI X Plus machines with i9-9900k processor, operating at a speed of 3.6 GHz, and have 32GB of memory.  MSI is a world leading esports brand.

PC video boards are INVIDIA GeForce RTX2080 Ti, one of the most powerful in the industry.

Monitors are specifically designed for esports, running at a 144Hz refresh rate that is needed to support and refresh your game.