Sometimes Transferring Colleges Makes All the Difference

The Path to a Master’s in Engineering Management with NEIT.

Sometimes transferring colleges makes all the difference! It definitely did for Benjamin Newbury, who earned his associate degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology, ’23. He is now working towards earning his bachelor’s in ’24, and remembers what it was like when he first transferred to New England Tech from another college.

“The moment that I chose to transfer to New England Tech completely changed the course of my life for the better.” 

“While I was learning things at my first college, I wasn’t learning how to do things. New England Tech helps you specifically focus on what you want to do with your degree – with your passion. The fact that you already have some experience and you’re not starting from ground zero when you reach the workforce – that is what New England Tech is all about.”

Benjamin met with an Admissions Officer who heard his story and urged him to enroll in Mechanical Engineering. 

A native Rhode Islander, Benjamin was blown away by New England Tech. He was impressed with the hands-on training, support from expert-level faculty and career services, small class sizes, individual attention, the accelerated program – and help he received figuring out his transfer credits.

“The whole process was easy. I found a passion to make me successful for the rest of my career.” 

Benjamin’s decision to attend NEIT paid off in spades. He has landed two paid two engineering internships in R.I., one with Antaya Technologies, Inc. and the other with Amgen, Inc.

“I value the investment I’ve made at NEIT in hands-on learning. It has definitely set me apart.”

Due to his experience, Benjamin even beat out internship candidates further along in their college career. 

Benjamin says that one of the most rewarding experiences has been the multiple certifications he has earned through his courses NEIT. “Having those on my resume serve as validation for potential employers of what I have learned to do.” 

After graduating with his bachelor’s, Benjamin plans to continue at NEIT and pursue his master’s degree in Engineering Management.

“I hope to use what I learn to ultimately be in a leadership position at an engineering firm, or to be the resident engineer at a manufacturing facility”

New England Tech’s excellent faculty and 11:1 student-to-professor ratio made a difference for Benjamin at NEIT.

“Professor Hurley has been instrumental in shaping the way I learn about what it means to be an engineer, how I approach problem solving, and how to best hone and harness my skills in the mechanical engineering field.”

New England Tech gives Benjamin a clear advantage in starting a career.

“While most schools focus on more theoretical information and facts, NEIT focuses on not only learning the content, but learning how to use the content and how to solve problems in the real world. This approach allowed me to secure my first paid engineering internship after just one year into my associate’s program.” 

Ben’s favorite memory was walking across the stage at graduation with his associate degree and reflecting on everything and everyone that made it possible.  Every day, transfer students make the decision to attend New England Tech – and find the fit they always wanted. 

Feeling a little lost, and wondering if you should transfer colleges?

Making the right next step no matter where you are in your college journey can really pay off.