Business Management Technology

Computer Schools, Information Technology Associates Degree Program

Associate in Science Degree

Our Associate in Science Degree in Business Management offers both an associate in science degree concentration and a related concentration that leads to a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management.

The associate degree curriculum combines business management theory, computer training, and communication skills essential for employment in business. The bachelor degree curriculum further builds on the education that the associate degree program provides.

Students in Business Management program learn business management, marketing, and sales principles that are then applied to laboratory simulations. Hands-on training in integrated computer software includes spreadsheets, databases, presentation software, and word processing. Other computer applications include accounting, desktop publishing, and Internet navigation.

Communication skills including writing and speaking are honed. Students review the basics of English grammar, business-letter writing and editing, and proofreading. Additionally, students practice their verbal skills by making sales presentations, teaching software, and preparing for the employment interview.

Graduates of the associate degree program may be qualified to work in a variety of fields in positions such as: office manager, software trainer, sales representative, administrative assistant, and management trainee to list a few.

Program Mission, Goals, and Outcomes

Program Mission:
The mission of the Business Management Technology (MGT AS) Program is to provide a specialized associate degree program to prepare students to become employed as an entry-level or higher support professional in any number of fields. Through a combination of theory and lab, as well as an optional externship, the program emphasizes application of office software and business principles combined with both written and oral communications. The skilled MGT AS graduate can be hired as an indispensable professional who is involved in maintaining many aspects of a business.

Program Goals:

  1. The MGT AS program will provide appropriate learning opportunities for students to acquire the theoretical knowledge, applicable skills, and the attitude necessary to function as entry-level support professionals.
  2. The MGT AS program will prepare students with the knowledge and skills to enroll in the Business Management baccalaureate degree program.
  3. The MGT AS program will endeavor to instill in the student a sense of pride and ownership to his or her contributions in a business environment.

Program Outcomes:
Graduates of this program will be able to:

  1. Operate current business software and develop the skill of learning independently as technology evolves.
  2. Describe the fundamental responsibilities of managers, and how businesses operate.
  3. Describe and demonstrate the processes involved in marketing products or services to customers.
  4. Identify basic accounting principles, applying them to small business decisions.
  5. Function as economically literate consumers.
  6. Demonstrate the interpersonal and teamwork skills needed to function in diverse business settings.
  7. Communicate effectively as writers and speakers in diverse business settings.

Courses Offered

Associate in Science Degree

  • MGT 113 Introduction to Computers
  • MGT 135 Business Communication I
  • MGT 110 Word Processing I
  • MGT 121 Word Processing II
  • MGT 127 Accounting I
  • MGT 150 Principles of Management I
  • MGT 124 Electronic Editing
  • MGT 134 Office Administration
  • MGT 140 Introduction to Business
  • MGT 212 Desktop Publishing
  • MGT 227 Spreadsheets
  • MGT 245 Professional Sales Techniques
  • MGT 222 Accounting II
  • MGT 230 Principles of Marketing
  • MGT 250 Integrated Software
  • MGT 280 Externship
  • MGT 236 Business Communication II
  • MGT 238 Principles of Management II
  • MGT 232 Database Management
  • MGT 210 Financial Planning