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Construction Management Technology

Bachelor of Science Degree

The Bachelor of Construction Management technology prepares students to be proficient in the art and technology of constructing the built environment relative to design, technology, building science, and social responsibility. It is based upon the premise that the construction management professional must possess a core knowledge which allows them to integrate design, engineering, and technology into the process of construction.

The program allows students to develop the necessary skills by emphasizing the theoretical and practical concepts of design, building systems, components, engineering, and construction practices, and by expanding their problem-solving and critical thinking abilities. The program is also designed to instill within the student a sense of professionalism and a desire to serve and contribute to society through solving its problems in technically, environmentally, and socially acceptable ways.

Students may enter the construction management program after earning their Associate Degree in Architectural/Building Engineering Technology at the New England Institute of Technology, or they may transfer from other comparable college programs. The program culminates with a Senior Thesis course, when students must demonstrate their understanding of and ability to utilize and synthesize the technical and engineering concepts they developed throughout their New England Tech experience.

Graduates of the construction management program will be qualified for a wide range of exciting employment opportunities in several fields in the public and private sector, including construction management, civil and building engineering, real estate, land development, construction sales, and facilities management. Potential positions for our graduates may include:

  • Construction Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Construction Administrator
  • Facilities Manager
  • Estimator
  • Scheduler
  • Public Works Administrators and Superintendent
  • Construction Manufacturers Representative

Program Mission, Goals and Outcomes

Program Mission:

The Construction Management Technology (CMT) program will prepare the student to be proficient in the art, engineering, and technology of constructing the built environment relative to design, technology, building science, and social responsibility. Construction Management graduates will also possess a core knowledge which will allow them to integrate design, engineering, and technology into the process of construction.

Program Goals:

The Program Goals of the CMT programs are:

1 To educate students in the fundamentals of building design and sciences through a seamless and comprehensive study combining the theoretical and practical concepts of management techniques, building systems, components, engineering, and construction.
2 To expand our students’ observational skills and critical thinking abilities.
3 To instill within each student an awareness of and desire to contribute to the profession and society at large through the development of a professional and personal ethic that demands technically, environmentally, and socially responsible decision making.

Program Outcomes:

The CMT graduate will be able to:

1 Function as an integral member of the building team.
2 Act in an ethically and morally responsible way with regard to the profession, public safety, and regulatory authorities.
3 Evaluate and analyze problems relative to the built environment and develop solutions that meet the economic, social, technical, engineering, and aesthetic needs of the client and society.
4 Demonstrate a historical appreciation and professional accountability within the context relative to the building industry.
5 Interpret design concepts and execute building solutions consistent with industry standards
6 Demonstrate effective oral and written communications.


Courses Offered

Bachelor of Science Degree

ABT 314 Construction Contracts & Specifications
ABT 315 Structural Wood Design
CMT 313 Introduction to Construction Management
PHY 300 Physics II & Lab (MA/SCI Core)
EN 331 Research Writing (COM Core)
ABT 325 Soil Mechanics & Foundation Design
ABT 328 Structural Steel Design
CMT 329 Revit for Construction Managers
MGT 360 Negotiations
ABT 331 Advanced Environmental Systems
ABT 334 Site Engineering & Planning
ABT 338 Reinforced Concrete Design
CMT 331 Specifications & Quality Control
ABT 412 Sustainability In Construction
CMT 411 Project Scheduling
CMT 412 Construction Practice
CMT 415  Construction Estimating II
ABT 414 Current Topics I
ABT 426 Senior Thesis Proposal
CMT 422 Construction Site Safety
CMT 423 Construction Estimating III
ABT 431 Engineering Economy
ABT 433 Construction Law
CMT 434 Ethics & the Construction Industry
CMT 435 Senior Thesis