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Engineering Management

Engineering Management

Master's Degree

Engineering Management Curriculum Master's Degree


Coursework includes topics such as project management, corporate finance and business analysis, organizational behavior and ethics as well as systems engineering and decision models. The MSEM provides the necessary business intelligence to improve overall processes while understanding the human elements and legal implications of any engineering discipline.

The program is comprised of 45 credit hours (11 courses) and builds upon the mathematical and analytical expertise gained from prior engineering education and/or professional experience.

MSEM Curriculum

  • EMG 502 Emerging Technologies
  • EMG 511 Human Centered Design Thinking
  • EMG 512 Systems Engineering
  • EMG 522 Quantitative Business Analysis
  • EMG 544 Decision Models
  • EMG 556 Master’s Capstone (5 credits) 
  • MGM 504 Managerial Finance
  • MGM 514 Leadership
  • MGM 533 Advanced Project Management
  • MGM 534 Technology and the Law
  • MGM 546 Ethical Decision Making
  • International Students
  • CPT 591   Workplace Practicum I
  • CPT 592   Workplace Practicum II
  • CPT 593   Workplace Practicum III
  • CPT 594   Workplace Practicum IV

Total Credit Hours = 45

All courses are 4 credits unless otherwise noted