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Engineering Technology Degree Programs

Engineering Technology Degree Programs

Are you interested in a career in Engineering Technology, in areas such as Architectural Building Engineering Technology, Electronics, Robotics and Drones, Electrical Engineering Technology,  Mechanical Engineering Technology, Welding Engineering Technology, or Civil Engineering Technology? Positions that may appeal to you include being an electronics technician or technologist, drafter/designer, fabrication welder, fitter, structural designer, quality control engineering technician, CAD drafter, product designer, or mechanical engineer. If you're more interested in computers and programming, think about the Bachelor's in Software Engineering Technology or Cybersecurity and Networking Engineering. You may also be eligible to get a Bachelor's in Rehabilitation Sciences to apply engineering technology skills to the Health field, and to continue with your Master's in Information Technology or Construction Management as you progress in your career and expand your industry knowledge.

New England Institute of Technology offers degree programs in these fields and we encourage you to pursue your dreams and achieve your goals! See links below for details.

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Engineering Technology

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