Getting Your IT Associate Degree

The IT field is growing fast, and expected to keep booming for years to come, which makes it an excellent time to dive in with an IT associate degree. With New England Tech’s IT program, you have a convenient, flexible, and speedy way to get your degree quickly, while still immersing yourself in the type of processes, technologies, and business practices that make you in-demand for a lifetime. Our IT associate degree takes you beyond theory and into real, hands-on software engineering experience with a career focus from day one.

What to Expect from our IT Associate Degree Program

In our 18-month IT associate degree program, you’ll be tasked with learning to solve business issues and get knowledge in data analytics, programming languages, visualization tools, database design, software support, web development, and more.

The emphasis of this program is on how specific computer applications solve business issues. The analysis and design of systems is covered to expose students to problems that may be expected on the job. Students learn to program in languages in demand in the workplace. These languages include Python, JavaScript, ASP.NET and PHP. Students are also introduced to data analytics using different programming languages and current visualization tools such as PowerBI and Tableau.

As you gain these insights, you’ll be learning from the best, since our deep bench of IT faculty hail from some of the top firms and industries across the country. Get on the fast track to one of the top career fields that’s poised to keep growing strong.

All IT associate degree graduates can continue their studies for just 18 more months to earn a bachelor’s degree that expands your knowledge in software engineering.

Career Opportunities with an IT Associate Degree

With an IT associate degree, graduates can choose from a range of exciting career options, since you’ll be qualified to apply for positions in software support, programming, web development, data analysis or a wide range of other entry-level positions.

Information Technology Associate Degree Programs