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Graduate Testimonials 

Dr Gretchen Hyssong 

NEIT PP-OTD Grad '20

I wanted to advance my OT career and knew that obtaining a doctoral degree would help me accomplish this goal. I chose the PP-OTD program at NEIT because I liked that it was fully online, it was a shorter duration and the least expensive program than many other programs I researched. 

The Professors were amazing during this entire experience. I was treated like a colleague rather than a student. They helped to foster my growth by allowing me to be a more reflective clinician. They helped me to refine my leadership skills all while guiding me in the process of completing a doctoral project. My doctoral project was based on my own desire to gain deeper knowledge in my practice area of pediatrics, they set me up with experts in the field to allow me to complete the research I was seeking. 



Dr Alisha Ramos

NEIT PP-OTD Graduate '20

I recently completed the doctoral program and it was the best decision I could have made. If you have a topic in mind that you are passionate about and eager to research, this program is for you. For me it was identifying the barriers of home modification recommendation compliance. Throughout the course of the program, it was amazing to see my project idea unfold into a solid and successful doctoral project that has the potential to improve OT practice.

Life can be busy when you have a family and are working but this program was well designed to allow me the opportunity to gain personal/professional growth while being a wife, mom, caregiver, OT practitioner, and practicing self care. 

Having a doctoral degree in OT has opened up so many more doors of opportunity for me and it can for you as well.