Program Overview

If you are a working professional seeking career advancement in public health, our flexible online Master of Public Health (MPH) program is for you. Our accelerated program allows you to  finish your degree in 2 years, while you are working.

Our interdisciplinary program includes public health science with management courses to build skills needed to oversee, plan, evaluate and improve population health programs and initiatives.

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Full Description

New England Institute of Technology is an applicant for accreditation by the Council on Education for Public Health ( The accreditation review will address the MPH generalist degree program included in the accreditation unit, as defined in the Council’s letter accepting the application. Other degrees and areas of study offered by this institution will not be included in the unit of accreditation review.

The date of initial accreditation will be whichever of the two dates occur later: either 1) the date on which our application was accepted by the Council (6/16/2018) or 2) the date on which the most recent extension of applicant status was granted, if applicable. The Council assigns the date of initial accreditation during the Council meeting at which the accreditation decision is made. Entry into the process and acceptance of an application are not a guarantee of initial accreditation.

Potential Career Opportunities

An MPH graduate is prepared to assess community needs, design prevention programs, write grants, prepare data briefs, interpret data, prepare management reports, design budgets, research the literature, form partnerships, identify community resources to promote healthy behaviors, develop policies, etc. These skills are needed in different settings, such as local and federal government, community organizations, health insurance companies, hospitals, advocacy entities, environmental justice organizations, colleges, universities, private and nonprofit organizations, banks, wellness and employee assistance programs, and more.


You can now apply online. Just log in to and click on “APPLY”. For more information, view the Public Health, MS Admissions Requirements.

Program Mission, Goals, and Outcomes

Program Vision

Empowered communities collaborating to promote healthy lifestyles.

Program Mission

To provide an accessible MPH program for working adults, which uses their lived experiences and evidence to lead and practice public health in order to address health equity.

Program Goals

  1. Maintain state of the art online MPH curriculum to prepare skilled practitioners.
  2. Consult, adopt, adapt and regularly contribute to public health applied research and Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI).
  3. Bring expertise and leverage resources to practice public health and address health equity in populations.

Program Values:

  • We are a Learning Collaborative: We value interdisciplinary, cross-program collaboration, bringing diverse perspectives to the MPH program and public health perspectives to other NEIT programs. Faculty and students learn from each other and collaborate in teaching and learning. We are committed to life-long learning for individuals, groups, and communities.
  • We are Community-grounded: We equip our students with skills to work collaboratively with communities to find practical and innovative solutions to local problems. Public health is profoundly affected by the community environments in which we work, play, learn, and live. Therefore, public health education must be grounded in the community. We seek to be a helpful partner and an accessible resource to our communities.
  • We are Inclusive: We provide an accessible and flexible program designed to accommodate students in a variety of circumstances, occupations and organizations. We embrace the lived experience of our students and the perspectives resulting from those experiences. We celebrate the diversity of communities in Southeastern New England.
  • We seek Excellence: We have a responsibility to ourselves, our students, and our communities to strive for excellence in instruction, scholarship and service. We are reflective and embrace quality while looking for ways to grow and improve. In pursuit of excellence we take risks, learn from our experiences, and build confidence in our students, enabling them to become leaders in the building and support of flourishing communities.

You can now apply online. Just log in to and click on “APPLY.”

For more information, go to the Admission Requirements page.

Courses Offered

Term I (Fall)

PH 516 Fundamentals of Public Health

PH 525 Public Health Management

Term II (Winter)

PH 510 Statistics for Public Health

PH 535 Social Marketing and Communications

Term III (Spring)

PH 520 Epidemiology

PH 540 Public Health Funding

Term IV (Summer)

PH 550 Public Health Policy and Planning

MGM 514 Leadership

Term V (Fall)

PH 530 Research / Methods

PH 551 Law, Ethics and Policy in Public Health

Term VI (Winter)

PH 560 Public Health Evaluation

PH 561 Portfolio

Term VII (Spring)

PH 545 Environmental Health

PH 571 Capstone Prep

Term VIII (Summer)

PH 580 Public Health Seminar

PH 585 Capstone

For the latest listing of courses offered, please review our University Catalog here.