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Student Activities

Student Activities

Student Clubs at New England Tech

Completing a degree doesn't just mean academics and mastering your major in our learning labs — it also means discovering new things about yourself, making friends and developing a broader perspective. Participation in our student clubs is a perfect way to meet new people and introduce yourself to new experiences and opportunities that will enhance your life and look great on your résumé.

Interested in forming a student club? Have an idea for student activities? Then stop by our Student Activities office, located in the Student Lounge of the East Greenwich building or email our Director of Student Activities, Melissa Hague at

Connect with Like-Minded Techies

If you love to talk shop, you’ll love our technology clubs where you can connect with students who share your passions and interests. Participation in technology clubs is a great place to start growing your professional network and enhance your resume.

Athletics – Intramurals and Recreational

Intramurals and recreational sports offer a great way for you to stay fit and active, enjoy friendly competition and make new friends. Our leagues and tournaments for soccer, flag football, basketball and golf are coordinated through the Student Activities Office.

Just for the Fun of It

From open mic to golf tournaments, fantasy football leagues to cookouts, student life at NEIT has something for everyone.

Student Activities have included:

  • Open Mic Events
  • Golf Tournaments
  • Ping Pong & Pool Tournaments
  • Cookouts
  • Leadership Opportunities
  • Community Volunteer Projects
  • Video Game Tournaments
  • Chess, Cards & Board Games
  • Tech Arts / Student Exhibits
  • International Fair
  • Earth Day Projects
  • Costume Contest
  • Fantasy Football Leagues
  • Guest Speakers
  • Basketball, Soccer & Golf Club Fundraisers
  • Ice Cream Socials

Honor Societies

Phi Theta Kappa – International Honor Society (Associate Level)
Alpha Chi Honor Society (Bachelor’s and Master’s Level)

Technology Clubs

Criminal Justice Student Club
Game Developers’ Network
Interior Design Student Alliance
Quadricycle Club
Respiratory Care Club
Society for Advancement of Management
Student Nurses’ Association
Student Occupational Therapy Association 
Student Physical Therapist Assistant Club 
Surgical Technology Club
Student Exchange Club
Video Club
Tech Radio
Tech Records
Veterinary Technology Club

Non-Technology Related Clubs

Music Composition & Performance Club
New England Tech Golf Club
Rotaract Club