Getting Your Professional Building Trades Associate Degree

PBT studentsWhether you’re eager to become a carpenter, cabinet maker, contractor, plumber, welder, electrician, or another highly skilled member of the professional building trades industry, you’ll find the hands-on programs you need at New England Tech with a professional building trades associate degree.

What to Expect from our Professional Building Trades Associate Degree Programs

Our accelerated professional building trades associate degree programs track focus on your career direction from day one, and get you ready to use your skills at a worksite in as little as 18 months.

You’ll learn from practicing industry professionals and cover topics in the residential, commercial building and design trades, focusing on real-world challenges that will get you quickly prepped for your chosen career. Learn the foundational principles of your trade, along with the latest tools, sustainability issues, and teamwork skills. The professional building industry is booming, and predicted to keep growing at a rapid pace. This is the perfect time to become part of this thriving, rewarding field.

Career Opportunities with a Professional Building Trades Associate Degree

With a Professional Building Trades associate degree, you’ll be prepared for skilled positions such as construction, electrician, plumbing and heating technician, welder, and more.

Professional Building Trades Associate Degree Programs