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Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice

Bachelor's Degree Online/Hybrid

Criminal Justice Curriculum Online and Hybrid Bachelor's Degree


New England Tech’s program is grounded in practical skills and deep knowledge that directly address the challenges of contemporary law enforcement.  The curriculum develops core competencies in criminal justice, and builds upon these with such topics as homeland security, white-collar crime, social media, digital forensics, ethics and use of force, incident response and public administration. 

The curriculum blends exploration of law, policy and theory with development of practical skills.  Students will enhance and sharpen their investigative skills, as well as focus on critical thinking and decision-making skills in the context of law enforcement.  Our program philosophy is reflected in the words of one NEIT student,  "what you learn today, you can use tomorrow."   

The online/blended Criminal Justice Bachelors Degree Program consists of 99 quarter credits.  Your transfer and life credit may reduce the number of credits you’ll need to take at New England Tech.

Degree Requirements

The Criminal Justice Bachelor's Degree requirements include:

  • CJ 371 Evidence and the Law
  • CJ 372 Case Studies in Criminal Forensics
  • CJ 374 Domestic & Family Law Issues
  • EN 331 Research Writing
  • CJ 382 Integration of Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure
  • CJ 389 Mobile Device Forensics
  • CJ 384 Contemporary Issues in Corrections
  • SS 303 Communication in the Global Workplace
  • CJ 380 Criminal Justice and The Media
  • CJ 393 Advanced Report Writing
  • CJ 394 Issues of Diversity in Criminal Justice
  • CJ 400 Ethics and the Criminal Justice Professional
  • CJ 402 Use of Force and the Consequences
  • CJ 404 Digital Forensics Investigations & Applications
  • CJ 410 Advanced Techniques in Criminal Forensics
  • CJ 412 Critical Incident Response & Tactics
  • CJ 414 Corporate and Private Security
  • CJ 420 Criminal Justice Administration Issues
  • CJ 421 Women and Crime
  • CJ 424 Capstone
  • One of:
    • CJ 426 Senior Internship
    • MGT 313 Human Resource Management
    • MGT 360 Negotiations

All bachelor degree students are required to take 28 credits of elective courses as selected from the liberal arts core, which includes a variety of courses in areas including the Arts, Economics, English, Psychology, Social Sciences, Mathematics, Science, and Foreign Languages.   

Courses are 10-weeks long, and there are four ten-week terms per year.  For the six-term full-time curriculum, a student attending full-time may complete the requirements in as little as 18 months. Students may choose to take only one course per term, therefore extending the time it will take to complete the program.

* Top Online College: U.S. News & World Report (January 8, 2018)

Only school in Rhode Island that ranked in the Top 20 Best Online Bachelor’s Programs. 

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