Built for Knowledge

No matter what program you’ve chosen at New England Tech, you’ll find learning facilities that offer the latest technologies, equipment, and resources in your field. Our hands-on approach and advanced technology will give you a real-world experience that gets you ready for the career ahead.

Whether you’re getting ready for patient care in a nursing simulation lab, learning how to create a digital world in our virtual reality studio, or assessing construction materials in our building engineering space, you’ll be in facilities built for your career path.

Explore Learning Facilities

  • Studios

    In addition to high-tech collaboration rooms in our expansive library, our residence hall, and throughout our campus, New England Tech has numerous studio spaces where you will work independently or collaborate with your classmates in small groups. You can play esports with a team, learn how to design digital games, produce a video, design a building, and more.

  • Labs

    You will work with the latest, technologically advanced equipment in our specialized laboratories. That includes video labs featuring state-of-the-art HD equipment for programs like game creation, a nursing simulation lab with computerized talking mannequins who give instant feedback and replicate a patient experience, construction labs where you handle the latest materials, and more.

  • Special Facilities

    You will learn your profession or trade in facilities that replicate the real world. The specialized labs and studios at New England Tech will give you a great head start as you prepare to enter the job market. Your understanding of real-world environments and your hands-on training will put you in high demand by industry leaders.