History Meets the Future

At New England Tech, we have always been driven by our mission to provide specialized undergraduate and graduate degree programs that emphasize personal and professional growth. Our model of hands-learning, taught by industry professionals, with extensive student support and flexibility, gives you the opportunity to explore your passion and turn it into your dream career. New England Tech’s innovative learning approaches help each student realize her or his potential, and develop a breadth of skills that include critical thinking, collaboration, problem solving, and adaptability. Our mission and model provide the foundation that helps you build your future.

  • Early Industry Experience

    At New England Tech, you will learn from industry experts in small classes with hands-on program experiences. Our hands-on learning model, utilizes state-of-the-art facilities and classrooms, where you can gain the edge you need for your career. Combined with the expertise of instructors with industry knowledge, that gives you ample exposure to your industry from day one. Whether you’re studying technology, marketing, construction, health sciences, criminal justice, or another exciting field, you’ll be developing the specific skills you need to thrive in your profession. That’s why employers consistently seek out our graduates, because they know New England Tech provides the real-world experience that makes them valuable to any business or organization.

  • Tech Focus

    At New England Tech, part of our mission is right in our name. Focusing on technology programs for decades has given us the resources, insights, and industry experience that can help you succeed on your career path. Every degree track includes a balance of theoretical knowledge and practical application, so you have the skills you need in a rapidly changing technological society, and our unique lab learning experience provides real-world career prep. With our innovative learning approach, you’ll develop leadership that makes you stand out in your profession.