Student Parking Regulations

Students who desire to use university parking areas at any of New England Tech’s campuses must register their license plate number (one for each car) with the Department of Public Safety in order to receive a parking pass. The permit(s) issued must be attached to each vehicle. An NEIT Student I.D. is required when registering.

On all campuses, vehicles must be parked within lane markers and should not block the exit of any other vehicle whether the other car is legally parked or not. Motorcycles must park in designated areas only. (Click here for parking maps.) Students should not park in reserved parking spaces, including parking for Admissions and visitors. Parking in disability parking spaces is only allowed with a visible state disability parking placard issued by the state. Parking is never permitted in crosswalks or fire lanes. Any infraction of the university’s parking regulations will result in a parking fine and any vehicle parked in any of the university’s parking lots without a parking permit may be towed at the owner’s expense. Students who have more than one parking infraction may face disciplinary action.

Any vehicle or personal property brought onto NEIT premises is the sole responsibility of its owner. NEIT assumes no responsibility for loss or damage to vehicles or personal property on NEIT premises whether due to fire, theft, or any other cause.

Click here to request a parking permit. Parking permits can be picked up at the Public Safety Communications Center located at S111A, just inside door #2.