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The All Course Network (ACN) is designed to help districts and schools by creating opportunities exclusively for Rhode Island students to envision, pursue and realize their individualized graduation pathway outside of the traditional school day.

Over 500 Rhode Island students have discovered the NEIT EDGE, by utilizing this unique opportunity to take college courses and earn college credits while still in high school. Learn by doing in our state-of-the-art classrooms and labs – for free!

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NEIT will provide all the books and learning materials at no cost to the student and, in most cases, for them to keep. If you choose a welding course, you will leave with a welding jacket, gloves, and safety goggles.

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Spring: March 27, 2023 – May 25, 2023

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  • Explore Skills to Build Your Financial Future

    MGM 230 Planning Your Financial Future, 3 credit course.

    This interactive course will teach you how to prepare for your successful financial future. Topics covered will include identifying financial goals, budgeting, cash, and credit management, purchasing, and owning a house, effective insurance buying, an introduction to investments, and retirement planning. Special guest lectures will provide real-word examples on how understanding financial fundamentals impact their day-to-day life and yours. Begins March 27th, 2023.

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    What are students saying about this course?

    “I would tell more of my friends about this class because they missed out on a great learning experience.  This was a great class overall, and I really enjoyed it.”

    “This class is beneficial because it taught me many things about finance that never crossed my mind. Shelby and Hank are very enthusiastic people, and that was the best part about this class.”

    “I’d like to say thank you to Mr. Johnson and Shelby. They were excellent with engaging the class and explaining concepts and did exceptionally well with fitting ten weeks’ worth of information into half the time.”

    “At my school, I took a course that was half about personal finance and half about business. I think my favorite part of the class was just that I got to learn a ton about finances. However, I feel as if I went more in-depth and learned more in this short course than the entire school year about personal finance. I feel more comfortable applying these aspects of personal finance to my life, and I think just having the knowledge will really help me.”

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