Academic Year
An academic year consists of 3 terms and is approximately 9 months long.  The length of time to complete a program varies depending upon prerequisites and the number of credits taken each term.  See the individual program description for details.

Tuition and Fees Payments
The tuition and fees for each academic term are due at the beginning of each academic term.  Tuition and fees for intersession are due at the beginning of intersession.

Tuition Credits
Tuition will be reduced for a student who either passes a challenge exam or submits transfer credit for a technical core course. All applicable credit towards tuition will be applied in the student’s final term for technical subjects. Full-time and part-time tuition rates are NOT reduced for transferred or challenged liberal arts courses.

Additional Tuition and Fees
Additional fees may be required by electives a student chooses to take. If a student attends terms beyond the number of terms listed in the catalog, the student will be subject to additional charges. These charges will depend upon the courses a student elects to take.  Students that require pre-requisite courses will be assessed additional charges.

Employment Statistics
Records regarding employment of graduates of our degree programs who were available for employment are available at the Career Services Office.

Financial Aid
The university offers students assistance in applying for financial aid. The university does not guarantee eligibility for financial aid. Failure to obtain or continue to obtain financial aid does NOT relieve a student of his/her financial obligations to the university.

Past-Due Accounts
Past-due accounts are subject to late fees and the withholding of university services, for example registration, graduation, transcript requests and to assignment to outside collection agencies.   In an action brought to enforce the student’s financial obligations to the university, the student agrees to pay all reasonable costs and expenses including attorney’s fees incurred by the university in maintaining such action.

Postponements and Delays
Scheduled starting dates for technical programs (the beginning of a core sequence in the specific program) are subject to postponement by NEIT. If the scheduled starting date for the program in which a student has enrolled must be postponed and the student has not attended any classes at NEIT, he/she may withdraw and obtain a refund, or may wait for the new start date.  If enrollment for a specific course is below the minimum number of students the university feels is necessary to offer the course, the university has the option to postpone the beginning of the course until the minimum number of students is met.